United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

16 February 1996


Fiftieth session
Agenda item 41


          [without reference to a Main Committee (A/50/L.19/Rev.1 and

            50/133.  Support by the United Nations system of
                     the efforts of Governments to promote
                     and consolidate new or restored

      The General Assembly,

      Bearing in mind the indissoluble links between the principles
enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  1/ and the
foundations of any democratic society,

      Recalling the Manila Declaration  2/ adopted in June 1988 by
the First International Conference of New or Restored Democracies, 3/ 

      Considering the major changes taking place on the international
scene and the aspirations of all the peoples for an international
order based on the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United
Nations, including the promotion and encouragement of respect for
human rights and fundamental freedoms for all and other important
principles, such as respect for the equal rights and self-
determination of peoples, peace, democracy, justice, equality, the
rule of law, pluralism, development, better standards of living and

      Recalling also its resolution 49/30 of 7 December 1994, in which
it recognized the importance of the Managua Declaration  4/ and
the Plan of Action  5/ adopted by the Second International
Conference of New or Restored Democracies in July 1994,

      Recalling further the view expressed in the Managua Declaration
that the international community must pay closer attention to the
obstacles facing the new or restored democracies,

      Taking note of the views of Member States expressed in the debate
on this item at its forty-ninth and fiftieth sessions,

      Bearing in mind that such activities of the United Nations
carried out in support of the efforts of Governments are undertaken in
accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and only at the
specific request of the Member States concerned,

      Bearing in mind also that democracy, development and respect for
human rights and fundamental freedoms are interdependent and mutually
reinforcing and that democracy is based on the freely expressed will
of the people to determine their own political, economic, social and
cultural systems and on their full participation in all aspects of
their lives,

      Noting that a considerable number of societies have recently
undertaken considerable efforts to achieve their social, political and
economic goals through democratization and the reform of their
economies, pursuits that are deserving of the support and recognition
of the international community,

      Noting with satisfaction that a Third International Conference on
New or Restored Democracies will take place at Bucharest,

      Having considered the report of the Secretary-General of 7 August
1995  6/ on assistance provided in the past by the United Nations,
at the request of Member States, as well as important concepts and
considerations that are pertinent to this question,

      1.    Welcomes the report of the Secretary-General;

      2.    Commends the Secretary-General and through him the United
Nations system for the activities undertaken at the request of
Governments to support the efforts to consolidate democracy, as
reflected in his report;

      3.    Recognizes that the Organization has an important role to
play in providing timely, appropriate and coherent support to the
efforts of Governments to achieve democratization within the context
of their development efforts;

      4.    Stresses that activities undertaken by the Organization must
be in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations;

      5.    Encourages the Secretary-General to continue to improve the
capacity of the Organization to respond effectively to the requests of
Member States through coherent, adequate support of their efforts to
achieve the goal of democratization;

      6.    Encourages Member States to promote democratization and to
make additional efforts to identify possible steps to support the
efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate new or restored

      7.    Requests the Secretary-General to submit to the General
Assembly at its fifty-first session a report on the implementation of
the present resolution, including innovative ways and means, as well
as new reflections, to enable the Organization to respond effectively
and in an integrated manner to requests of Member States for
assistance in this field;

      8.    Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its fifty-
first session the item entitled "Support by the United Nations system
of the efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate new or
restored democracies".

                                                          96th plenary meeting
                                                              20 December 1995


1/   Resolution 217 A (III).

2/   A/43/538.

3/   Then called the International Conference of Newly Restored Democracies.

4/   A/49/713, annex I.

5/   Ibid., annex II.

6/   A/50/332 and Corr.1.

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