United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

9 February 1996


Fiftieth session
Agenda item 95 (j)


      [on the report of the Second Committee (A/50/617/Add.10)]

        50/108.   United Nations initiative on opportunity and

     The General Assembly,

     Recalling its resolution 48/60 of 14 December 1993 and its
decision 49/434 of 19 December 1994 on a United Nations initiative on
opportunity and participation,

     Reaffirming that one of the fundamental prerequisites of the
achievement of sustainable development is broad-based public
participation in decision-making,

     Acknowledging the relevance of opportunity and participation in
the economic and social development agenda of the United Nations, as
reflected in the various international conferences and agreements
related to the follow-up of the Rio process,

     Commending the South Pacific Forum Vision Statement,  1/
adopted by the Twenty-sixth South Pacific Forum, held at Madang, Papua
New Guinea, from 13 to 15 September 1995, which promotes opportunities
for international and regional cooperation leading to growth with
equity, broad-based participation and capacity-building for self-

     Noting that the United Nations Panel on Opportunity and
Participation met at United Nations Headquarters from 15 to 19 May

     1.   Welcomes the report of the United Nations Panel on
Opportunity and Participation;  2/

     2.   Takes note of the Panel's contribution to the completion of
an agenda for development and the follow-up arrangements to the World
Summit for Social Development, held at Copenhagen from 6 to 12 March

     3.   Invites Member States and relevant organizations and
agencies of the United Nations system to consider the insights and the
recommendations of the Panel, particularly the sections of its report
related to the efforts to be made for the development of small and
medium-sized enterprises in developing countries as an effective
measure for promoting opportunity and participation in the context of
national development and the economic and social development of all

     4.   Invites the Commission for Sustainable Development, in the
overall framework of trade, environment and sustainable development,
alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable agriculture and rural
development and small-scale fisheries development, to draw upon the
work of the Panel;

     5.   Invites the Committee for Development Planning, in
accordance with its mandate, to take into account the recommendations
of the Panel in its work in 1996 in the context of the International
Development Strategy for the Fourth United Nations Development Decade; 3/

     6.   Encourages the relevant agencies and organizations of the
United Nations system, in particular the United Nations Development
Programme and the regional commissions, to increase their efforts to
promote opportunity and participation, and to develop those concepts
and incorporate them into their strategies and programmes, including
regional and national workshops and seminars;

     7.   Invites Member States and international organizations to
make voluntary contributions to these efforts;

     8.   Encourages support for the widest possible dissemination of
the report of the Panel to the international community.

                                             96th plenary meeting
                                                 20 December 1995


1/   A/50/475, annex, appendix II.

2/   A/50/501, annex. See also A/50/501/Add.1.

3/   Resolution 45/199, annex.

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