United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

23 December 1994


                                              94th plenary meeting
                                              23 December 1994
             49/162. Integration of older women in development
      The General Assembly,
      Recalling its resolution 44/76 of 8 December 1989, in which it pointed
out that age segregation, in addition to sex stereotyping, makes the social
and economic problems of elderly women even more acute, and that they are
often viewed only as beneficiaries and not as contributors to development,
      Recalling also its resolution 40/30 of 29 November 1985, in which it
emphasized that the elderly must be considered an important and necessary
element in the development process at all levels within a given society,
      Recalling further Commission on the Status of Women resolution 36/4 of
20 March 1992, in which the Commission emphasized the need to adopt an
approach for the advancement of women that takes into account all stages of
life, so as to identify measures that respond to women's needs,
      Calling attention to the urgent need to develop and improve the
publication of statistics by sex and by age, and to identify and evaluate the
different forms of activities of older women which are not normally recognized
as having an economic value, in particular in the informal sectors,
      Taking into consideration the proceedings of the International Symposium
on Population Structure and Development, held at Tokyo from 10 to 12
September 1987, which called attention to the fact that the United Nations had
estimated that there were 208 million women aged 60 and above in 1985, of
which about half lived in the developed and half in the developing world, and
that by the year 2025 this number had been projected to increase to 604
million elderly women for the world as a whole, of which nearly 70 per cent
would be living in the developing countries,
      1.    Takes note with appreciation of the joint publication by the
International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women and
the Statistics Division of the Secretariat  of The Situation of Elderly Women:
Available Statistics and Indicators and encourages the Institute and the
Division to continue their pioneering work in this field;
      2.    Requests the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination
against Women to pay particular attention to discrimination on grounds of age
when evaluating national reports on the implementation of the Convention on
the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women;
      3.    Invites the competent organs of the United Nations to adopt an
approach that, in all their strategies and programmes for the advancement of
women, takes into account all stages of life;
      4.    Invites the international development agencies and organizations,
including the United Nations Development Fund for Women and the United Nations
Development Programme, to take account of the potential of elderly women as a
human resource for development and to include older women in their development
strategies and programmes, and encourages Governments to ensure the inclusion
of women, regardless of age, in development projects covered by national and
multilateral financial institutions;
      5.    Invites the Preparatory Committee for the World Summit for Social
Development to ensure that older women's concerns and contributions to
development are considered under the three main agenda items of the Summit:
"Elimination of poverty", "Social integration" and "Employment";
      6.    Urges the Commission on the Status of Women, as the preparatory
body for the Fourth World Conference on Women:  Action for Equality,
Development and Peace, to ensure that older women's concerns and contributions
to development are recognized and incorporated into the strategies, programmes
and policies of the Platform for Action which deal with equality, development
and peace;
      7.    Requests the Secretary-General to report to the General Assembly
at its fiftieth session on the implementation of the present resolution under
the item entitled "Advancement of women".