United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

18 December 1992


                                                 92nd plenary meeting
                                                 18 December 1992
    International assistance for the economic rehabilitation of Angola
     The General Assembly,
     Recalling its resolutions 46/142 of 17 December 1991, 45/233 of 21
December 1990 and 44/168 of 15 December 1989 on international assistance for
the economic rehabilitation of Angola,
     Recalling also Security Council resolutions 387 (1976) of 31 March 1976,
475 (1980) of 27 June 1980, 628 (1989) of 16 January 1989 and other
resolutions of the Council regarding international assistance for the economic
rehabilitation of Angola, in which, inter alia, the international community
was requested to render assistance to Angola,
     Deeply concerned about the serious economic and political situation
prevailing in Angola,
     Concerned about the continuous drought that ravages the central and
southern regions of the country and adversely affects millions of lives,
     Taking into consideration the fact that the implementation of the Peace
Accords for Angola would create favourable conditions for the economic and
social rehabilitation of the country,
     Conscious of the need for continuing effort and engagement on the part of
the international community to assist Angola in rehabilitating its economy,
     1.   Takes note of the report of the Secretary-General;
     2.   Calls upon all parties to do their utmost to achieve the full and
effective implementation of the Peace Accords for Angola and national
reconciliation goals, thus creating conditions conducive to the economic
rehabilitation of the country;
     3.   Expresses its appreciation to Member States, United Nations
organizations and other donors for the emergency humanitarian assistance
rendered to Angola through the Special Relief Programme for Angola, and
appeals for continued and generous contributions for emergency humanitarian
     4.   Reiterates its appeal to the international community to continue to
render the material, technical and financial assistance necessary for the
economic rehabilitation of Angola;
     5.   Requests the Secretary-General, in cooperation with the
international community, to continue to mobilize organizations and organs of
the United Nations system in order to ensure an appropriate level of economic
assistance for Angola;
     6.   Welcomes the decision of the Government of Angola to organize a
donors' round-table conference for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of
Angola in 1993, in collaboration with the United Nations Development
Programme, the African Development Bank, the Government of Portugal and other
interested countries;
     7.   Requests the Secretary-General to report to the General Assembly at
its forty-eighth session on the implementation of the present resolution;
     8.   Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its forty-eighth
session the item entitled "International assistance for the economic
rehabilitation of Angola".