United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

27 October 1986


                                                       27 October 1986
                                                       50th plenary meeting
                  Declaration of a zone of peace and
                  co-operation in the South Atlantic
     The General Assembly,
     Conscious of the determination of the peoples of the States of the South
Atlantic region to preserve their independence, sovereignty and territorial
integrity and to develop their relations under conditions of peace and
     Convinced of the importance of promoting peace and co-operation in the
South Atlantic for the benefit of all mankind and, in particular, of the
peoples of the region,
     Convinced further of the need to preserve the region from measures of
militarization, the arms race, the presence of foreign military bases and,
above all, nuclear weapons,
     Recognizing the special interest and responsibility of the States of the
region to promote regional co-operation for economic development and peace,
     Fully conscious that the independence of Namibia and the elimination of
the racist regime of apartheid are conditions essential to guaranteeing the
peace and security of the South Atlantic,
     Recalling the principles and norms of international law applicable to
ocean space, in particular the principle of the peaceful uses of the oceans,
     Convinced that the establishment of a zone of peace and co-operation in
the South Atlantic would contribute significantly to the strengthening of
international peace and security and to promoting the principles and purposes
of the United Nations,
     1.   Solemnly declares the Atlantic Ocean, in the region situated between
Africa and South America, a "Zone of peace and co-operation of the South
     2.   Calls upon all States of the zone of the South Atlantic to promote
further regional co-operation, inter alia, for social and economic
development, the protection of the environment, the conservation of living
resources and the peace and security of the whole region;
     3.   Calls upon all States of all other regions, in particular the
militarily significant States, scrupulously to respect the region of the South
Atlantic as a zone of peace and co-operation, especially through the reduction
and eventual elimination of their military presence there, the
non-introduction of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction and
the non-extension into the region of rivalries and conflicts that are foreign
to it;
     4.   Calls upon all States of the region and of all other regions to
co-operate in the elimination of all sources of tension in the zone, to
respect the national unity, sovereignty, political independence and
territorial integrity of every State therein, to refrain from the threat or
use of force, and to observe strictly the principle that the territory of a
State shall not be the object of military occupation resulting from the use of
force in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, as well as the
principle that the acquisition of territories by force is inadmissible;
     5.   Reaffirms that the elimination of apartheid and the attainment of
self-determination and independence by the people of Namibia, as well as the
cessation of all acts of aggression and subversion against States in the zone,
are essential for peace and security in the South Atlantic region, and urges
the implementation of all United Nations resolutions pertaining to
colonialism, racism and apartheid;
     6.   Requests the Secretary-General to submit to the General Assembly at
its forty-second session a report on the situation in the South Atlantic and
the implementation of the present declaration, taking into account the views
expressed by Member States;
     7.   Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its forty-second
session the item entitled "Zone of peace and co-operation of the South