United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

18 December 1984


                                                   18 December 1984
                                                   Meeting no. 104
                  Financing of operational activities for development
     The General Assembly,
     Recalling its resolutions 3201 (S-VI) and 3202 (S-VI) of 1 May 1974,
containing the Declaration and the Programme of Action on the Establishment of
a New International Economic Order, 3281 (XXIX) of 12 December 1974,
containing the Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States, and 35/56 of
5 December 1980, the annex to which contains the International Development
Strategy for the Third United Nations Development Decade,
     Recalling further its resolutions 2688 (XXV) of 11 December 1970 on the
capacity of the United Nations development system and 3405 (XXX) of
28 November 1975 on new dimensions in technical co-operation,
     Reiterating its resolutions 32/197 of 20 December 1977, 33/201 of
29 January 1979 and 35/81 of 5 December 1980 on a comprehensive policy review
of operational activities for development, 36/199 of 17 December 1981 and
37/226 of 20 December 1982 on operational activities for development of the
United Nations system,
     Reaffirming the exclusive responsibility of the Government of the
recipient country in formulating its national development plan, priorities and
objectives, as set out in the consensus contained in the annex to General
Assembly resolution 2688 (XXV), and emphasizing that the integration of the
operational activities of the United Nations system with national programmes
would enhance the impact and relevance of those activities,
     Stressing the urgent need to strengthen multilateral co-operation for
development, including increased voluntary contributions to operational
activities for development of the United Nations system,
     Having considered the report of the Director-General for Development and
International Economic Co-operation on operational activities for development
of the United Nations system,
     1.   Reaffirms its resolutions 38/171 and 38/172 of 19 December 1983;
     2.   Notes the positive signs at the 1984 United Nations Pledging
     Conference for Development Activities, which nevertheless follow a
     stagnation in resources for operational activities for development in
     1983 compared to 1982, bearing in mind that the continuing needs of
     developing countries require greater efforts to strengthen that positive
     trend to lead to a process of growth in resources by increasing
     significantly the level of contributions on a more equitable basis;
     3.   Stresses the need for the successful completion of the first
     replenishment of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, and
     urges all countries concerned, bearing in mind the particular
     contribution of the developed countries, to reach agreement on a priority
     basis for the second replenishment, in order to enable the Fund to
     continue its effective contribution at an adequate level;
     4.   Urges developed countries to provide supplementary financing for the
     seventh replenishment of the International Development Association in
     order to cover the shortfall and enable the Association to increase its
     assistance to developing countries, particularly in the development of
     food and agriculture;
     5.   Reaffirms the unique and central role of the United Nations
     Development Programme in the field of technical co-operation for
     6.   Recognizes the contribution of Governments to the United Nations
     Development Programme, particularly those which have increased their
     contributions by 14 per cent, bearing in mind decision 80/30 of 26 June
     1980 of the Governing Council of the Programme, reaffirms the
     imperativeness of providing the Programme with adequate resources, and
     calls upon the Governing Council, while considering the level of
     resources of the fourth programming cycle, to take fully into account, in
     accordance with the principles of the consensus of 1970, the increased
     needs of the developing countries in the area of technical co-operation
     and the need for achieving real growth in resources;
     7.   Reaffirms also the central responsibility of Governments of
     developing countries in the process of co-ordination of external
     assistance, including the determination of local co-ordination
     8.   Requests the Secretary-General to ensure that the United Nations
     system is responsive to assisting developing countries, at their request,
     in strengthening their capabilities in exercising co-ordination;
     9.   Requests the Director-General for Development and International
     Economic Co-operation, in his annual report for 1985, to continue to
     provide data on the various issues identified in General Assembly
     resolution 38/171, particularly in its paragraphs 15 and 24, and to
     report to the Assembly, at its fortieth session, on the progress achieved
     with regard to paragraphs 19, 23 and 27 of that resolution, and also
     requests the Director-General to include in his report information on the
     (a)  Steps being considered to improve the process and effectiveness of
     round-table meetings in the light of the experience gained in the
     mid-term global review of the implementation of the Substantial New
     Programme of Action for the 1980s for the Least Developed Countries, in
     close collaboration with the Administrator of the United Nations
     Development Programme;
     (b)  The prevailing situation in various agencies and programmes of the
     United Nations system with regard to tied contributions in the light of
     paragraph 8 of resolution 38/171 and the outcome of discussions on this
     issue by the Administrative Committee on Co-ordination;
     (c)  Data on procurement undertaken by organizations of the system
     engaged in operational activities;
     (d)  Further data on and analysis of the relationship between programme
     delivery and administrative and support costs of those organizations;
     (e)  Information on specific action taken in response to paragraph 8 of
     the present resolution.