United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

2 November 1983


                                               2 November 1983
                                               Meeting no. 43
                       The situation in Grenada
     The General Assembly,
     Considering the statements made before the Security Council in connection
with the situation in Grenada,
     Recalling the Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning
Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States in accordance with the
Charter of the United Nations,
     Recalling also the Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and
Interference in the Internal Affairs of States,
     Reaffirming the sovereign and inalienable right of Grenada freely to
determine its own political, economic and social system, and to develop its
international relations without outside intervention, interference,
subversion, coercion or threat in any form whatsoever,
     Deeply deploring the events in Grenada which led to the killing of the
Prime Minister, Mr. Maurice Bishop, and other prominent Grenadians,
     Bearing in mind that, in accordance with Article 2, paragraph 4, of the
Charter of the United Nations, all Member States are obliged to refrain in
their international relations from the threat or use of force against the
territorial integrity or political independence of any State or in any other
manner inconsistent with the principles of the Charter,
     Gravely concerned at the military intervention taking place and
determined to ensure a speedy return to normalcy in Grenada,
     Conscious of the need for States to show consistent respect for the
principles of the Charter,
     1.   Deeply deplores the armed intervention in Grenada, which constitutes
a flagrant violation of international law and of the independence, sovereignty
and territorial integrity of that State;
     2.   Deplores the death of innocent civilians resulting from the armed
     3.   Calls upon all States to show the strictest respect for the
sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Grenada;
     4.   Calls for an immediate cessation of the armed intervention and the
immediated withdrawal of the foreign troops from Grenada;
     5.   Requests that free elections be organized as rapidly as possible to
enable the people of Grenada to choose its government democratically;
     6.   Requests the Secretary-General as a matter of urgency to assess the
situation and to report back to the General Assembly within seventy-two hours.