United Nations


General Assembly

23 June 1997



         Letter dated 23 June 1997 from the Charge' d'affaires a.i.
        of the Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the United Nations
                      addressed to the Secretary-General

     On behalf of the Republic of Paraguay, which is the coordinator
pro tempore of the Rio Group, I have the honour to request you to have
the text of the Declaration of the Rio Group distributed as a United
Nations document as part of the documentation to be considered during
the nineteenth special session of the General Assembly.

                                              (Signed)  Ramo'n DI'AZ-PEREIRA  
                                                       Charge' d'affaires a.i.


                         Declaration of the Rio Group

     We, the member countries of the Permanent Mechanism for
Consultation and Policy Coordination - Rio Group - state our intention
to continue to make progress towards sustainable development by
carrying out the decisions and commitments laid down in the Rio
Declaration and Agenda 21, adopted at the United Nations Conference on
Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.  To this
end, we shall step up our efforts to continue to promote economic and
social development as well as environmental protection.

     Five years after the Earth Summit, we note some progress towards
achieving its objectives, particularly with regard to institution-
building, the codification of environmental law, public participation,
and the process aimed at reversing the trends in environmental
problems.  Nevertheless, the general outlook for economic and social
development is no better than in 1992.  The environment continues to
deteriorate and major environmental problems are still deeply rooted
in economic structures.

     Therefore, aware of the needs to avoid greater environmental
degradation and, consequently, a deterioration of human health, we
reaffirm our determination to change certain production and
consumption patterns in order to help bring about a better life for

     We believe that international cooperation and dialogue should be
guided by principle 7 of Agenda 21, which says that States have common
but differentiated responsibilities.

     We therefore urge the developed countries, cooperation agencies
and international financial institutions to strengthen their support
for the developing countries in accordance with the commitments
entered into at the Earth Summit, especially with regard to the
transfer of technology and financial resources.  To that end, we urge
compliance with the provisions of chapter 33 of Agenda 21 concerning
official development assistance and the implementation of innovative
financing mechanisms.

     We also believe that the work of the United Nations Commission on
Sustainable Development should be oriented towards the promotion of
Agenda 21 as a whole and that, accordingly, attention to emerging
sustainable development issues should not be to the detriment of
attention to unresolved socio-economic and environmental problems.

     The United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP), for its part,
should continue to provide environmental inputs for decision-making in
the area of sustainable development; its strengthening and provision
with adequate, predictable budgetary resources are therefore

     We renew our countries' commitment to promoting joint action for
the effective implementation of the agreements and Plan of Action of
the Summit of the Americas on Sustainable Development, adopted at
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, in December 1996.

     These agreements constitute a starting point for a hemisphere-wide
position on sustainable development - the cornerstone of a cooperative
alliance among the States of the Americas in their common search for a
better quality of life for their peoples, based on integrated,
mutually reinforcing economic, social and environmental objectives.

     We also value the efforts made at the regional, subregional and
national levels through the adoption of policies and strategies
intended to achieve sustainable development.



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