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12 February 1999


General Assembly                            Economic and Social Council
Fifty-fourth session                        Substantive session of 1999
Social development, including               Social and human rights questions:
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 Letter dated 11 February 1999 from the Permanent Representative of Senegal
         to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

     I should like to inform you that the Government of Senegal proposes to
host in Senegal the fourth session of the World Youth Forum of the United
Nations System.

     As you know, the Government of Senegal has always paid special attention
to the problems of youth, and the Senegalese Head of State has made youth a
top priority of his current term of office.

     The National Youth Council of Senegal, an organization which represents
all facets of Senegalese youth, played an active role at the third session of
the Forum, which was held in Braga, Portugal, from 2 to 7 August 1998.  It
contributed a great deal to the adoption of the Braga Plan of Action for
youth, which it has begun to implement at the national, regional and
international levels, in cooperation and synergy with sister organizations
from Africa and the rest of the world.

     Holding the fourth session of the World Youth Forum of the United Nations
System in Africa, then, would be doing a great honour to the youth of Africa
and to their struggle for African development with peace.

     I should therefore be grateful for any efforts you can make to bring this
matter to the attention of Member States and the relevant organizations of the
United Nations system, and also to circulate this letter as a document of the
General Assembly and of the Economic and Social Council, under the relevant
agenda items, and to distribute it to the Commission for Social Development at
its thirty-seventh session.

                                             (Signed) Ibra Degue`ne Ka
                                              Permanent Representative



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