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26 August 1998


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General Assembly
Fifty-third session
Items 8 and 62 of the provisional agenda*

Adoption of the agenda and organization of work

The situation in Burundi

     * A/53/150.

     Letter dated 24 August 1998 from the Permanent Representative of
     Burundi to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

            On 27 October 1993, the Permanent Representative of Burundi
requested the inclusion of an item entitled "The situation in Burundi" in the
agenda of the General Assembly.

            Since the forty-eighth session, this item has been included each
year in the agenda of sessions of the General Assembly.

            Since the reasons which prompted the item's inclusion no longer
apply, I have the honour to communicate to you the decision of the Government
of Burundi to withdraw this item from the agenda of the fifty-third session of
the General Assembly.

                               (Signed) Gamaliel Ndaruzaniye
                                      Permanent Representative


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