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3 February 1997



General Assembly
Fifty-second session


       Letter dated 30 January 1997 from the Permanent Representative of
        China to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

     Upon the instructions of my Government, I wish solemnly to state
the following as regards the letter dated 3 January 1997 addressed to
the Secretary-General by the Permanent Representative of Solomon
Islands to the United Nations (A/51/781):

1.   There is only one China in the world.  The Government of the
People's Republic of China is the sole legal Government representing
the entire Chinese people.  No change in the way in which leaders of
Taiwan are produced or in the political system made by the Taiwan
authorities can change the universally established fact that Taiwan is
part of China.  The question of Taiwan falls entirely within China's
internal affairs.  It brooks no outside interference whatsoever.

2.   The United Nations is an intergovernmental international
organization composed of sovereign States.  Taiwan, which is but a
province of China, has never been a sovereign State.  It therefore has
no qualifications whatsoever to join in any manner whatsoever the
United Nations or any intergovernmental organization of the United
Nations system whose members are sovereign States.  The attempts by
the Taiwan authorities to "join the United Nations" are in the final
analysis aimed at splitting China, creating "two Chinas", "one China,
one Taiwan" and "the independence of Taiwan".  Support by any country
or individual for the secessionist activities of the Taiwan
authorities constitutes an obstacle to the peaceful reunification of
China and is therefore bound to meet with strong opposition from the
Government and people of China and the vast numbers of justice-
upholding and peace-loving Members of the United Nations.

3.   General Assembly resolution 2758 (XXVI) of 25 October 1971
reflected the actual political situation of China since 1949, thus
settling once and for all and in a just manner the question of China's
representation at the United Nations, both politically, legally and
procedurally.  The flat refusal by the General Committee at four
consecutive sessions of the General Assembly since the forty-eighth
session to include the question of the so-called "Taiwanese
representation" on the agenda of the Assembly has fully reflected the
firm stand of an overwhelming majority of United Nations Member States
in safeguarding the authority of the Charter of the United Nations and
resolution 2758 (XXVI), and has proved that the proposal for the so-
called "Taiwanese representation" put forward by a very small number
of countries has no support at all.

4.   It is the unswerving determination of the Chinese Government and
people to safeguard their State sovereignty, territorial integrity and
national unity.  In 1997, the Chinese Government will resume the
exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong, and the concept of "one
country, two systems" will turn into a reality.  This represents an
important step in the reunification of China.  The Government of China
will adhere to the basic principle of "one country, two systems" and
the eight-point proposal put forward by President Jiang Zemin on
developing the relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits
and advancing the process of peaceful reunification of the motherland,
and will persistently oppose the secessionist activities of the Taiwan
authorities aimed at creating "two Chinas" and "one China, one Taiwan"
in the world.  The intransigent position of the Taiwan authorities to
split the motherland is doomed to failure.

5.   The brazen attempt by the Permanent Representative of Solomon
Islands to use the forum of the United Nations to undermine China's
sovereignty, territorial integrity and the cause of reunification and
to interfere in China's internal affairs has seriously violated the
purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and
General Assembly resolution 2758 (XXVI).  This can not be tolerated by
any Member State that is committed to safeguarding the seriousness of
the Charter and the General Assembly resolution in question. 
Clamouring in favour of the secessionist activities of the Taiwan
authorities by the Permanent Representative of Solomon Islands is
doomed to failure.  In his letter, which is a response to my letter to
the Secretary-General of 16 October 1996 (A/51/526), he once again
took the occasion to recirculate the statement of July 1996 by the so-
called "Foreign Ministry" of Taiwan.  The cliche's in that letter were
refuted long ago and are now beneath any refutation.

     I have the honour to request that you have this letter circulated
as an official document of the General Assembly under the item
entitled "Implementation of the resolutions of the United Nations".

                                          (Signed)  QIN Huasun                
                                  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
                                           Permanent Representative of        
                                         the People's Republic of China       
                                              to the United Nations           



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