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A/52/61 - S/1997/68

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23 January 1997


GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                      SECURITY COUNCIL
Fifty-second session                                  Fifty-second year

          Letter dated 15 January 1997 from the Permanent Representative
          of the Netherlands to the United Nations addressed to the

     I have the honour to draw your attention to the declaration by the
Presidency of the European Union on the situation in the Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia, issued on 9 January 1997 (see annex).

     I should be grateful if you would have the text of this letter and
its annex circulated as an official document of the General Assembly,
under the agenda item entitled "Human rights questions:  human rights
situations and reports of special rapporteurs and special
representatives", and of the Security Council.

                                                (Signed)  Dr. N. H. BIEGMAN   
                                                      Permanent Representative


                                               [Original:  English and French]

              Declaration by the Presidency of the European Union on
              the situation in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
                     issued at Brussels on 9 January 1997

     The European Union has noted with appreciation the report of the
Personal Representative of the Chairman-in-Office of the Organization
for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Mr. Felipe Gonza'lez,
and fully endorses the conclusions and recommendations contained

     The European Union attaches particular importance to the
conclusion in that report that the results of the elections on
17 November reflect the will of the majority of the citizens of Serbia
and that the coalition Zajedno has won the local elections in 13
cities, as well as in 8 municipalities and the Assembly of the City of

     The Union notes the letter of Foreign Minister Mulitinovi■ to the
OSCE Chairman-in-Office, but calls upon the authorities in the Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia, and in particular upon President Milosevi■ of
Serbia, to accept fully the conclusions and recommendations of the
Personal Representative and to act upon them without delay.

     Following the conclusions of the European Council of Dublin, the
European Union furthermore calls upon the authorities in the Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia to enter into a constructive dialogue with the
opposition and to ensure the viability and availability of the
independent media.

     The European Union reiterates its appeal to the authorities in the
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to refrain from the use of force
against peaceful demonstrators and journalists.

     Recalling its declaration of 9 April 1996 setting out, inter alia,
the conditions for the development of good relations with the Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia, the European Union reaffirms its position that
only reform directed towards full democratization and liberalization
of the political and economic system, in dialogue with the opposition,
as well as respect for human rights and for the rights of minorities
will bring a solution to the present problems and allow for the full
integration of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia into the
international community.


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