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General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

29 July 1997



Fifty-second session
Item 54 of the provisional agenda

*/   A/52/150.


          Letter dated 28 July 1997 from the Permanent Representative
          of Nicaragua to the United Nations addressed to the        

     I have the honour to refer to the letter of 22 July 1997 from the
Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations (A/52/255), which
refers to the request made by Nicaragua and other sovereign States Members of
the United Nations that an item be included in the agenda of the fifty-second
session of the General Assembly entitled "Need to review General Assembly
resolution 2758 (XXVI) of 25 October 1971 owing to the fundamental change in
the international situation and to the coexistence of two Governments across
the Taiwan Strait".

     Allow me to make clear that the request referred to by the Permanent
Representative of China is a petition submitted by sovereign and independent
States, which are not subjects of any Power, in accordance with the Charter of
the United Nations and the rules of procedure of the General Assembly. 
Therefore, as sovereign States, we had no need to request the permission of
any other State to take this action; it is not an unlawful activity, nor is
our request directed against any Government in particular.

     I should like to point out that the Permanent Representative of China
makes two very contradictory statements in his communication.  On the one
hand, he says that "China attaches importance to relations with all States
Members of the United Nations and is ready actively to develop friendly
relations of cooperation with all countries", while on the other hand he
clearly threatens Nicaragua and a number of other States Members of the
Organization when he states, "Should Nicaragua and a very small number of
other countries continue to isolate themselves and stand against the
overwhelming majority of Member States, they would ultimately pay the price
for it".  A threat made public in an official document of the General Assembly
is obviously inconsistent with the behaviour incumbent on a State which is a
permanent member of the Security Council, a body whose fundamental mandate is
to maintain international peace and security.

     While we reserve the right to have recourse to the highest international
forums, we shall henceforth hold the Government that wrote this letter
responsible for any attack or harm that should befall our country, property,
goods or people.

     I should be grateful if you would have this letter circulated as a
document of the General Assembly under item 54 of the provisional agenda.

                                           (Signed)  Enrique PAGUAGA FERNANDEZ
                                                      Permanent Representative


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