United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

11 October 1996



General Assembly
Fifty-first session
Agenda item 96 (b)


                     Renewal of the dialogue on strengthening
                     international economic cooperation for
                        development through partnership

                         Note by the Secretary-General

1.   The present note is submitted in response to General Assembly
resolution 50/122 of 20 December 1995, in which the Assembly took note
of the report of the Secretary-General on renewal of the dialogue on
strengthening international economic cooperation for development
through partnership (A/50/480), and reaffirmed that such a dialogue
should be conducted in response to the imperatives of mutual interests
and benefits, genuine interdependence, shared responsibility and the
partnership for achieving sustained economic growth and sustainable
development as well as improving the international economic
environment that is conducive to such development.  

2.   By the same resolution, the Assembly recognized that the
discussions on an agenda for development and its outcome aimed at
strengthening constructive dialogue with a view to enhancing and
revitalizing international cooperation for development through
increased partnership among and between countries.

3.   Accordingly, the General Assembly agreed to hold a high-level
dialogue for a period of two days at the fifty-first session on the
theme of the social and economic impact of globalization and
interdependence and their policy implications.  The date, modalities
and focus of the discussions were to be decided in the context of the
outcome of the work of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on an
Agenda for Development and the decision taken on the adoption of the
agenda.  The Secretary-General was requested, in close cooperation
with Governments, relevant organizations and other development actors,
to make initial preparations for such a dialogue.

4.   The agenda for development is yet to be finalized.  The General
Assembly has decided that the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group should
continue its work at the fifty-first session of the Assembly.  

5.   Therefore, the decision on the date, modalities and focus of the
discussions of the two-day high-level policy dialogue will need to be
deferred pending the completion of the agenda for development. 
Insofar as the Assembly has indicated that the Working Group should
aim at concluding its work as soon as possible, the agenda may be
expected to be completed during the fifty-first session.  This will,
however, not leave sufficient time to prepare and hold the two-day
high-level dialogue during the fifty-first session.  

6.   In keeping with the proposals made in 1995 by the
Secretary-General, the preparations for the discussions should not
only involve the United Nations and the concerned organizations of the
system, but should also actively engage other actors in development,
as well as the academic and scientific community.  It was foreseen
that the process of dialogue would involve meetings organized under
the auspices of other regional and interregional organizations, the
convening of forums by the non-governmental organizations community,
the organization of hearings, meetings of parliamentarians, and the
commissioning of studies and expert groups by universities and other
academic and public purpose organizations.  The high-level dialogue
should thus be the culmination of a series of preparatory processes,
and its outcome should provide for appropriate follow-up by the United
Nations, its related institutions and other relevant regional and
interregional organizations, as well as other development actors.  The
Secretary-General emphasized that the theme of the dialogue should be
selected preferably at least a year or more in advance to allow for
adequate preparations (A/50/480, para. 44).

7.   In view of the above, it is recommended that the high-level
dialogue be deferred until the latter part of the fifty-second

8.   In resolution 50/122, the General Assembly also requested the
Secretary-General to submit further recommendations for enhancing the
dialogue.  Again, the Assembly foresaw that these recommendations
should be identified taking into consideration, inter alia, the
outcome of the work on an agenda for development.  The
Secretary-General will be in a position to present his recommendations
at the earliest possible date following the adoption of the agenda for


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