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General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

6 August 1996



General Assembly
Fifty-first session
Item 17 (b) of the provisional agenda*

     *   A/51/150.

                              AND OTHER ELECTIONS

                  Election of twenty members of the Committee
                        for Programme and Coordination

                         Note by the Secretary-General

1.   In accordance with Economic and Social Council resolution
2008 (LX) of 14 May 1976 and General Assembly decision 42/450 of
17 December 1987, the members of the Committee for Programme and
Coordination are nominated by the Economic and Social Council and
elected by the General Assembly.

2.   The membership of the Committee in 1996 is as follows (see General
Assembly decision 50/305):

     Argentina,* Bahamas,** Belarus,* Benin,** Brazil,* Cameroon,*
     Canada,* China,***, Comoros,* Congo,* Cuba,* Egypt,*** France,**
     Germany,* Ghana,** India,* Indonesia,* Iran (Islamic Republic
     of),* Japan,*** Mexico,** Netherlands,* Norway,* Pakistan,*
     Republic of Korea,*** Romania,* Russian Federation,** Senegal,*
     Togo,*** Trinidad and Tobago,* Ukraine,* United Kingdom of Great
     Britain and Northern Ireland,* United States of America,**
     Uruguay*** and Zaire***.

3.   The General Assembly, at its fifty-first session, will, therefore,
be called upon to elect 20 members, on the nomination of the Economic
and Social Council, to fill the vacancies in the Committee that will
occur on 31 December 1996 upon the expiration of the terms of office
of the following members:  Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Cameroon,
Canada, Comoros, Congo, Cuba, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran (Islamic
Republic of), Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Senegal,
Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine and United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland.  In accordance with General Assembly decision
42/450, the vacancies are to be filled as follows:

     (a) Four members from African States;

     (b) Four members from Asian States;

     (c) Three members from Eastern European States;

     (d) Four members from Latin American and Caribbean States;

     (e) Five members from Western European and other States.

4.   By its decisions 1996/222 and 1996/297, the Economic and Social
Council nominated the following Member States for election by the
General Assembly at its fifty-first session, for a term of three
years, beginning on 1 January 1997:

     (a) African States (four vacancies):  Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria
and Zimbabwe;

     (b) Asian States (four vacancies):  Indonesia, Iran (Islamic
Republic of), Pakistan and Thailand;

     (c) Eastern European States (three vacancies):  Bulgaria, Poland,
Romania and Ukraine;

     (d) Latin American and Caribbean States (four vacancies): 
Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua and Trinidad and Tobago;

     (e) Western European and other States (five vacancies):  Austria,
Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern

  *   Term of office expires in 1996.

 **   Term of office expires in 1997.

***   Term of office expires in 1998.


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