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General Assembly

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15 February 1996


Fiftieth session
Agenda item 38


Report of the Secretary-General


1.   My report of 25 January 1996 (A/50/861) outlined  a programme of future
activities to be undertaken by the  International Civilian Mission in  Haiti
(MICIVIH) should the Haitian authorities make  a request for an extension of
its mandate.

2.   On 9  February 1996,  the President of  Haiti addressed to  me a letter
requesting an extension of the mandate of MICIVIH.   A copy of the letter is
annexed.   A similar  request  has  also been  addressed to  the  Secretary-
General  of  the Organization  of  American  States  (OAS).   I  accordingly
recommend that the  mandate of the  United Nations component  of MICIVIH  be
extended until 31  August 1996, at a  reduced personnel level not  exceeding
32  international  staff  and  the  required  administrative  and  programme
support, to be deployed by  the United Nations.   It is understood that  OAS
will provide another  32 international staff  for the  Mission and that  the
agreement of 13 January 1995 between the two  organizations will continue in
effect for the new mandate period.

3.  MICIVIH  would continue to have a  central office and regional  offices,
the number  and location of  which would be  decided in  accordance with the
programme needs and available  resources.  On the  basis of reports from the
field, MICIVIH  would evaluate the progress  of reforms,  the functioning of
institutions with regard  to the protection of  human rights and the  impact
of the programme  to promote the protection of human rights.  Based on these
evaluations,  MICIVIH   would  formulate   recommendations  and   activities
designed to  build and consolidate  the institutional capabilities  required
to protect and promote human  rights in all  parts of the country.   MICIVIH
would  work  in  close  cooperation  with  the  United  Nations  Development
Programme (UNDP) and United Nations specialized  agencies in Haiti, as  well
as with the United Nations Crime Prevention and

96-03622 (E)   150296  150296/...
Criminal Branch  in Vienna, the  United Nations Centre for  Human Rights and

the United Nations High  Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, the Inter-
American Commission on Human Rights and other human rights organs of OAS.

4.   I  am  however  obliged to  reiterate  my observation  that, given  the
decisions  on the programme budget for the biennium 1996-1997 adopted by the
General  Assembly  in  resolution  50/215  and  the  cash-flow  crisis  that
continues  to  afflict the  Organization,  it  would  be  necessary for  the
Assembly to appropriate additional funds to cover  the costs of MICIVIH  for
this further mandate period and for there to  be assurances that those funds
would be made available in the necessary time-scale.


[Original:  French]

Letter dated 9 February 1996 from the President of
Haiti addressed to the Secretary-General

  Since  the  restoration  of  constitutional  order,  on 15  October  1994,
significant progress towards  the rehabilitation of democratic  institutions
and  the promotion  and  protection  of human  rights  has been  made in  my

  The Haitian Government is grateful to  the international community for the
effective support provided in this great  undertaking by the Organization of
American  States-United  Nations  International  Civilian Mission  in  Haiti

  The  Haitian  Government  will  strive  resolutely  to  consolidate  these
achievements and lead the  country towards the  democratic development  that
the people longs for.

  Convinced of  the major  role that  MICIVIH can  continue to play  in this
process, I have the honour, on behalf  of the Government of the  Republic of
Haiti, to request the maintenance of the Mission in the country.

  I should  be grateful if you  would transmit this  request to the  General

(Signed)  Rene PREVAL



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