United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

20 October 1995


Fiftieth session
Agenda item 85


Report of the Secretary-General

               (in pursuance of General Assembly resolution 49/36 A)

1.    The present  report  is  submitted  in pursuance  of  General Assembly
resolution 49/36 A of 9 December 1994.  Paragraph 8 of the resolution  reads
as follows:

    "The General Assembly,


    "8.  Requests the Secretary-General:

  "(a)   To  provide all  necessary  facilities  to the  Special  Committee,
including those  required for  its visits  to the  occupied territories,  so
that it may investigate  the Israeli policies and  practices referred to  in
the present resolution;

  "(b)   To  continue to  make available  such additional  staff as  may  be
necessary to assist the Special Committee in the performance of its tasks;

  "(c)    To circulate  regularly  to  Member  States  the periodic  reports
mentioned in paragraph 6 above;

  "(d)   To ensure  the widest  circulation of  the reports  of the  Special
Committee and of information regarding its  activities and findings, by  all
means  available, through  the  Department  of  Public  Information  of  the
Secretariat, and,  when necessary, to reprint  those reports  of the Special
Committee which are no longer available;

95-31954 (E)   271095/...
   "(e)   To report to the  General Assembly at  its fiftieth session on the

tasks entrusted to him in the present resolution."

2.    All necessary  facilities  were  provided  to  the Special  Committee.
Arrangements  were made  for  it  to meet  in  March, May  and August  1995.
Furthermore,  the Special Committee  carried out  a field  mission to Egypt,
Jordan and the Syrian Arab  Republic in May 1995.   Two periodic reports and
the twentyseventh annual report of the  Special Committee were circulated to
Member States (A/50/170, A/50/282 and A/50/463).

3.   Pursuant to paragraph 8  (d) of resolution 49/36  A, the Department  of
Public Information undertook the following activities:

  (a)  The  Department continued to  provide press  coverage in English  and
French  of all  meetings of  the  Special  Committee to  Investigate Israeli
Practices  Affecting the Human  Rights of  the Palestinian  People and Other
Arabs  of the  Occupied Territories.    It  also distributed  United Nations
information  materials, documents and  press releases  on the  activities of
the  Special Committee to  representatives of non-governmental organizations
(NGOs) and  to  the public  at  large  through  its network  of  Information
Centres and Services;

  (b)   Both  at Headquarters  and  through  the United  Nations Information
Centres  and Services,  the Department  publicized the  Special  Committee's
1995 mission to the Middle East,  contacting the NGO community, other United
Nations agencies, and the public at large;

  (c)    The Department  recently published  a  volume for  the "Blue  Book"
series, The United  Nations and  Human Rights 1945-1995,  1/ which had  been
prepared by the  Centre for Human  Rights and which also refers  to the work
of the  Special Committee.   The  Department disseminated  the book  through
appropriate  channels,  including  United  Nations  Information  Centres and

4.   It should  also be noted  that, on 15  May 1995, the  Secretary-General
addressed  a note  verbale to  all  States  drawing attention  to resolution
49/36 A-D.


  1/  United Nations publication, Sales No. 95.I.21.


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