United Nations

Decision 51/431

General Assembly



                51/431.  Special assistance to front-line States and
                         other neighbouring States

     At its 84th plenary meeting, on 13 December 1996, the General Assembly,
on the proposal of the Congo, 1/ recalling its resolution 49/21 M of
20 December 1994, having considered the report of the Secretary-General on
special assistance to front-line States and other neighbouring States, 2/
and welcoming the establishment of the Southern African Development Community
Organ on Politics, Defence and Security, which, therefore, effectively
supersedes the front-line States, 3/ decided:

     (a) To express its appreciation to the Secretary-General for his efforts
regarding assistance to the front-line States and other neighbouring States;

     (b) To note with appreciation the support being rendered to the Southern
African Development Community by donor countries, organizations of the United
Nations system and non-governmental organizations;

     (c) Strongly to urge the international community to continue to provide,
in a timely and effective manner, the financial, material and technical
assistance necessary to enhance the collective capacity of the countries of
the Southern African Development Community in their efforts for the
reconstruction, rehabilitation and development of their economies;

     (d) To discontinue consideration of this question under the item
entitled "Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and disaster
relief assistance of the United Nations, including special economic
assistance" and to consider all related matters in the context of its
consideration of the question of cooperation between the United Nations and
the Southern African Development Community.


1/   A/51/L.43.

2/   A/51/528.

3/   See A/50/1001, annex.

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