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Decision 51/311

General Assembly



       51/311.  Appointment of members of the Committee on Contributions

     At its 58th plenary meeting, on 14 November 1996, the General Assembly,
on the recommendation of the Fifth Committee, 1/  appointed the following
persons members of the Committee on Contributions for a three-year term of
office beginning on 1 January 1997:  Mr. Iqbal Akhund, Mr. Evgueni N. Deineko,
Mr. Alvaro Gurgel de Alencar, Mr. Ju Kuilin, Ms. Isabelle Klais and
Mr. Ugo Sessi.
     As a result, the Committee on Contributions is composed as follows: 
Mr. Iqbal AKHUND (Pakistan),*** Mr. Pieter Johannes BIERMA (Netherlands),**
Mr. Uldis BLUKIS (Latvia),* Mr. Sergio CHAPARRO RUIZ (Chile),**
Mr. Evgueni N. DEINEKO (Russian Federation),*** Mr. David ETUKET (Uganda),*
Mr. Neil Hewitt FRANCIS (Australia),** Mr. William GRANT (United States of
America),* Mr. Alvato GURGEL de ALENCAR (Brazil),*** Mr. Ihor V. HUMENNY
(Ukraine),* Mr. JU Kuilin (China),*** Mr. Masao KAWAI (Japan),*
Ms. Isabelle KLAIS (Germany),*** Mr. Vanu Gopala MENON (Singapore),*
Mr. Atilio Norberto MOLTENI (Argentina),** Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud OULD EL GHAOUTH
(Mauritania),** Mr. Ugo SESSI (Italy)*** and Mr. Omar SIRRY (Egypt).**


     * Term of office expires on 31 December 1997.
    ** Term of office expires on 31 December 1998.
   *** Term of office expires on 31 December 1999.


1/   A/51/672, para. 8.

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