United Nations

Decision 51/309

General Assembly



              51/309.  Election of the members of the International
                       Law Commission

     At its 55th plenary meeting, on 11 November 1996, the General Assembly,
in accordance with its resolution 174 (II) of 21 November 1947 and the
provisions of the statute of the International Law Commission annexed to that
resolution, as amended by Assembly resolutions 1103 (XI) of 18 December 1956,
1647 (XVI) of 6 November 1961 and 36/39 of 18 November 1981, elected the
following thirty-four persons members of the Commission for a five-year term
of office beginning on 1 January 1997: 1/ 

     Mr. Emmanuel Akwei ADDO (Ghana),
     Mr. Husain M. AL-BAHARNA (Bahrain),
     Mr. Awn Shawkat AL-KHASAWNEH (Jordan),
     Mr. Jožo Clemente BAENA SOARES (Brazil),
     Mr. Mohamed BENNOUNA (Morocco),
     Mr. Ian BROWNLIE (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland),
     Mr. Enrique J. A. CANDIOTI (Argentina),
     Mr. James Richard CRAWFORD (Australia),
     Mr. Christopher John Robert DUGARD (South Africa),
     Mr. Constantin P. ECONOMIDES (Greece),
     Mr. Nabil ELARABY (Egypt),
     Mr. Luigi FERRARI BRAVO (Italy),
     Mr. Zdzislaw GALICKI (Poland),
     Mr. Raul I. GOCO (Philippines),
     Mr. Gerhard HAFNER (Austria),
     Mr. HE Qizhi (China),
     Mr. Mauricio HERDOCIA SACASA (Nicaragua),
     Mr. Jorge E. ILLUECA (Panama),
     Mr. Peter C. R. KABATSI (Uganda),
     Mr. James Lutabanzibwa KATEKA (United Republic of Tanzania),
     Mr. Mochtar KUSUMA-ATMADJA (Indonesia),
     Mr. Igor Ivanovich LUKASHUK (Russian Federation),
     Mr. Teodor Viorel MELESCANU (Romania),
     Mr. Va'clav MIKULKA (Czech Republic),
     Mr. Didier OPERTTI BADAN (Uruguay),
     Mr. Guillaume PAMBOU-TCHIVOUNDA (Gabon),
     Mr. Alain PELLET (France),
     Mr. Pemmaraju Sreenivasa RAO (India),
     Mr. Victor RODRIGUES-CEDEN~O (Venezuela),
     Mr. Robert ROSENSTOCK (United States of America),
     Mr. Bernardo SEPULVEDA (Mexico),
     Mr. Bruno SIMMA (Germany),
     Mr. Doudou THIAM (Senegal),
     Mr. Chusei YAMADA (Japan).


1/   See A/51/177 and Add.1-9, A/51/718 and Add.1 and A/51/653.

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