United Nations

Decision 51/308

General Assembly



             51/308.  Election of five members of the International
                      Court of Justice

     The General Assembly, at its 54th plenary meeting, on 6 November 1996,
and the Security Council, at its 3709th meeting, on the same date, proceeded
independently of one another to elect, in accordance with Articles 2 to 4, 7
to 12 and 14 and 15 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice,
rules 150 and 151 of the rules of procedure of the Assembly and rules 40 and
61 of the provisional rules of procedure of the Council, five members of the
Court for a nine-year term of office beginning on 6 February 1997 to fill the
vacancies occurring on the expiration of the terms of office of Mr. Mohammed
Bedjaoui (Algeria), Mr. Stephen M. Schwebel (United States of America),
Mr. Mohamed Shahabuddeen (Guyana), Mr. Vladlen S. Vereshchetin (Russian
Federation) and Mr. Luigi Ferrari Bravo (Italy). 1/  The following persons
were elected:  Mr. Mohammed Bedjaoui (Algeria), Mr. Pieter H. Kooijmans
(Netherlands), Mr. Jose' Francisco Rezek (Brazil), Mr. Stephen M. Schwebel
(United States of America) and Mr. Vladlen S. Vereshchetin (Russian

     As a result, the International Court of Justice is composed as follows: 
Mr. Stephen M. SCHWEBEL (United States of America),*** President;
Mr. Christopher G. WEERAMANTRY (Sri Lanka),* Vice-President; Mr. SHEGERU ODA
(Japan),** Mr. Mohammed BEDJAOUI (Algeria),*** Mr. Gilbert GUILLAUME
(France),* Mr. Raymond RANJEVA (Madagascar),* Mr. Ge'za HERCZEGH (Hungary),**
Mr. Shi JIUYONG (China),** Mr. Carl-August FLEISCHHAUER (Germany),**
Mr. Abdul G. KOROMA (Sierra Leone),** Mr. Vladlen S. VERESHCHETIN (Russian
Federation),*** Ms. Rosalyn HIGGINS (United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland),* Mr. Gonzalo PARRA-ARANGUREN (Venezuela),*
Mr. Pieter H. KOOIJMANS (Netherlands)*** and Mr. Jose' Francisco REZEK


     * Term of office expires on 5 February 2000.
    ** Term of office expires on 5 February 2003.
   *** Term of office expires on 5 February 2006.


1/  See A/51/333-S/1996/722, A/51/334/Rev.1-S/1996/723/Rev.1 and Corr.1 and
A/51/335-S/1996/724 and Corr.1.

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