United Nations


Economic and Social Council

12 February 1993

Economic and Social Council
Organizational session for 1993
26 January and 2-5, 12 February 1993

                                          12 February 1993

1993/207. Establishment of the Commission on Sustainable

     The Economic and Social Council, having considered the
report of the Secretary-General and in accordance with General
Assembly resolution 47/191:

     (a)  Decides to establish the Commission on Sustainable
Development as a functional commission of the Council with the
functions as enumerated in paragraphs 3 to 5 of Assembly
resolution 47/191;

     (b)  Also decides that the Commission shall be composed
of 53 members elected from among the States Members of the
United Nations and members of the specialized agencies for a
term of office of three years according to the following
allocation of seats:

     (i)       Thirteen seats for African States;

     (ii)      Eleven seats for Asian States;

     (iii)     Ten seats for Latin American and Caribbean

     (iv)      Six seats for Eastern European States;

     (v)       Thirteen seats for Western European and other

     (c)  Further decides that elections for the Commission
shall be held on 16 February 1993;

     (d)  Decides that the Commission shall meet annually for
a period of two to three weeks and that, as a transitional
measure, an organizational session of the Commission shall be
held at Headquarters from 24 to 26 February 1993 and that the
first substantive session of the Commission shall be held at
Headquarters from 14 to 25 June 1993;

     (e)  Approves the following provisional agenda for the
organizational session of the Commission:

     1.   Election of the Chairman and other members of the

     2.   Provisional agenda and organization of work of the
          first substantive session of the Commission.

     3.   Outline of a multi-year programme of work for the

     4.   Other organizational issues.



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