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Decision 1995/215

Economic and Social Council


 1995/215. Committee for Development Planning

At its 5th plenary meeting, on 10 February 1995, the Council, recalling General Assembly resolutions 2084 (XX) and 2096 (XX) of 20 December 1965, 2564 (XXIV) of 13 December 1969, 44/212 of 22 December 1989 and 46/206 of 20 December 1991 and Economic and Social Council resolutions 1035 (XXXVII) of 15 August 1964, 1079 (XXXIX) of 28 July 1965, 1089 (XXXIX) of 31 July 1965 and 1625 (LI) of 30 July 1971, by which the Committee for Development Planning was established and entrusted with, inter alia, a broad mandate to assess world development trends and prospects, decided:

(a) To request the Secretary-General to submit nominations to the Council at its resumed organizational session in May 1995 or, at the latest, at its substantive session of 1995, for reconstitution of the membership of the Committee for Development Planning and to reconvene the reconstituted Committee before the end of 1995. In making the nominations, after consultations with interested Governments, the Secretary-General is requested to take into account the need for balanced representation and the diversity of issues dealt with by the Council and the General Assembly in the economic, social, environment and related fields;

(b) To request the Secretary-General to submit a comprehensive report to the Council at its substantive session of 1995 to enable it to review the working methods of the Committee, in line with the provisions of General Assembly resolution 48/162 of 20 December 1993;

(c) That the Committee should examine its working procedures with a view to improving them, in particular to reflect the ongoing work of the Council and the General Assembly and their subsidiary bodies;

(d) That the Committee should continue its work, in particular with regard to issues relating to the least developed countries;

(e) That the Chairperson of the Committee should address the Council on the major findings and conclusions of the Committee, starting in 1996.

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