98-39246 (E) 301298 *  E/CN.9/1999/1. United Nations E/CN.9/1999/7 Economic and Social Council Distr.: General 11 December 1998 Original: English Commission on Population and Development Thirty-second session 22–24 March 1999 Item 6 of the provisional agenda* Programme implementation and future programme of work of the Secretariat in the field of population Proposed programme of work in population for the biennium 2000–2001: Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs Note by the Secretary-General 1. The Commission on Population and Development has 1979/33 of 9 May 1979, 1981/29 of 6 May 1981, 1984/4 of before it for consideration at its current session the proposed 16  May 1984, 1985/5 of 28 May 1985, 1987/71 of 8 July programme   of   work   in   population   for   the   biennium 1987, 1989/93 of 26 July 1989, 1991/92 and 1994/2 of 14 2000–2001. The proposed programme of work was prepared July  1994  and  its  decisions  1995/236  of  17  July  1995, under  the  medium-term  plan  for  the  period  1998–2001, 1996/234 of 17 July 1996 and 1997/220 of 18 July 1997, and 1 adopted by the General Assembly in its resolution 51/219 of     takes   into   account   the   Programme   of   Action   of   the 18 December 1996, section 1. The programme of work still International Conference on Population and Development, has to be reviewed by the Committee for  Programme and held  in  Cairo  in  September  1994,  and  endorsed  by  the Coordination, the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Assembly in its resolution 49/128 of 19 December 1994. Budgetary Questions and the Fifth Committee and approved by the Assembly at its fifty-fourth session. 2. The proposed programme of work has been prepared     International Conference on Population and Development; in accordance with the guidelines set out in General Assembly     carrying  out  research  of the  highest  priority at  the  global resolutions  3344  (XXIX)  and  3345  (XXIX),  both  of  17 level; disseminating research findings in the most effective December  1974,  and  39/228  of  18  December  1984  and     manner  possible;  and  providing  substantive  support  for Economic and Social Council resolutions 1986/7 of 21 May     technical  cooperation  projects  in  the  field  of  population. 1986, 1989/92 of 26 July 1989, and 1991/92 of 26 July 1991, Relevant extracts from the proposed programme budget for and within the framework of programme 28 of the medium- the biennium 2000–2001 of the Department of Economic and term plan for the period 1998–2001. It also follows upon the Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat are presented work programme approved by the Council in its resolutions in document E/CN.9/1999/CRP.1. 2 3. The proposed programme of work has been designed to comprise undertaking follow-up activities relating to the Notes E/CN.9/1999/7 2 Official Records of the General Assembly, Fifty-first 1 Session, Supplement No. 6 (A/51/6/Rev.1 and Corr.1) and proposed revisions to the medium-term plan for the period 1998–2001: Programme 28. Economic and social affairs (A/53/6 (Prog.28)). Report of the International Conference on Population and 2 Development, Cairo, 5–13 September 1994 (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.95.XIII.18), chap. I, resolution 1, annex.