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                   NORWEGIAN INITIATIVE



-Date and Location of the Meeting of the Initiative:
  The activity will be carried out by an international team of experts
  knowledgeable of the various issues involved over the period from 1
  December 1995 to 1 July 1996.  A progress report is being planned for
  IPF2, while the final results will be reported to IPF3.

-Description of the issue:
  A factor which will be an important basis for forestry planning is the
  long-term supply and demand for wood products, and the factors that
  will affect future demand for wood.  A key issue is what strain will be
  put on the world's wood resources in the future, and the implications
  for sustainable development and forest management.  In this context it
  is important to take into account regional variations and perspectives. 
  A process has been initiated to prepare a synthesis paper which will
  focus on the following main topics:

  * Factors affecting long-term trends of non-industrial and industrial
  supply and demand for wood.
  * Main trends and prospects in non-industrial and industrial supply and
  demand for wood in light of the major factors affecting such trends.
      * Possible implications for sustainable forest management.
      The synthesis paper will be based on existing studies and information,
      and should take into account the differences in socio-economic and
      ecological conditions of regions and put this into a global context.

-  Relationship with the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests Programme
      These topics are relevant to several of the IPF Programme Elements, in
particular I.2, I.1, and IV.

-  Expected results:
      A report that will be presented and made available to IPF 3, with a
progress report to IPF 2.

-  Expected date of Completion of the Report and Language:
      July 1996.  The report will be made available in English.

-  Process in pursuing the Initiative:
      Project managers are The European Forest Institute (EFI) and the
      Norwegian Forest Research Institute (NISK).  The project secretariat
      will be located in EFI.  A group of international experts, representing
      various disciplines and regions will be invited to contribute to the
      study, and will constitute the project team.

-  Contact Persons:

           Mr. Jostein Leiro           Mr. Svein Aass
           Head of Division            Minister Counsellor
           Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Permanent Mission of Norway to
           P.O. Box 8114 Dep.          the United Nations
           N-0032 Oslo                 825 Third Avenue, 39th floor
           Norway                      New York, N.Y. 10022-7584
           Tel: (47) 2224 3608         Tel: (212) 421 0280
           Fax: (47) 2224 9580/81      Fax: (212) 688 0554



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