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Intergovernmental Panel on Forests

Nartional Initiatives

                      GERMAN INITIATIVE

-  Title:

-  Sponsor
   Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Federal
   Republic of Germany

-  Date and Location of the Meeting of the Initiative:
   16-21 June 1996; German Foundation for International Development (DSE)
   in Feldafing (Munich), Germany

-  Description of issues:
   promotion of national forest and land use programmes by:
   1.        Improving the coordination of national planning and
             international initiatives,
   2.        strengthening national policy dialogues between all
             stakeholders and
   3.        building the overall capacity in the countries of the South
             to achieve a country-driven implementation of national
             forest and land use programmes

-  Relationship with Intergovernmental Panel on Forests Programme Elements:
     Consultations should contribute to the IPF programme elements I.1 on
     the promotion of national forest and land use programmes as well as
     II.1 on the improved efficiency and coordination of bilateral and
     multilateral assistance.

- Expected results:
  Recommendations for:
  1. Integration of forestry sector planning with national planning cycles
  2. Coordination of various internationally initiated planning frameworks
     like the NFAPs, Forestry Master Plans, EAPs etc
  3. Coherence of national forest policy and programmes with the various
     international agreements and UN Resolutions
  4. Efficient and effective use of the existing international technical
     and financial mechanisms and their comparative advantages for
     different key issues and sub-sectors in forestry at the national

-    Expected Date of Completion of the Report:
         1 August 1996

-    Process in Pursuing the Consultations:
         The Forestry Advisers Group in cooperation with the respective
         bilateral and multilateral organizations supports countries of the
         South in national consultations on the promotion of national forest
         and land use programmes.  Eleven countries and the Region of Central
         America will organize national dialogues on the topic between January
         and April 1996.  National recommendations will be synthesized in a
         report, which will serve as the basic document for the international
         expert consultations on national forest and land use programmes

-    Participants:
         Approximately 60 participants from countries of the South, bilateral
         and multilateral agencies, NGOs and the private sector

-    Contact Persons:

                 Christian Mersmann       Rainald Roesch
                 GTZ OE 424               Mission of Federal Republic of
                 P.O. Box 5180            Germany to the United Nations
                 65726 Eschborn, Germany  New York, USA
                 Tel: 49 6196 79 3452     Tel: 212-856-6295
                 Fax: 49 6196 79 7333     Fax: 212-856-6280



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