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                               FINNISH INITIATIVE

-   Title:

-   Sponsor

-   Date and Location of the Meeting of the Initiative:
      August 19-22, 1996, Helsinki, Finland

-   Description of issues:

      The Seminar promotes and encourages national implementation of
      criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management.  It also
      studies the feasibility of further development of criteria and
      indicators for sustainable forest management and their comparability
      and international compatibility.

-   Relationship with Intergovernmental Panel on Forests Programme Elements:

      The ISCI Seminar will directly promote the substantive preparations
      for the programme element III.2.

-   Expected results:

      The ISCI Seminar will produce comprehensive documentation on the
      issue of criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management
      and will provide options and opportunities for the use of the Panel. 
      The Seminar results will be introduced at the Third Session of the
      Panel in September 1996.

      The objectives of the Seminar are:
      * To review the achievements obtained by developing and implementing
      criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management at regional
      and national levels.
      * To encourage development and implementation of national level
      criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management, and their
      use as a policy instrument for assisting decision making.
      * To promote comparability and international compatibility of
      criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management.
      Special emphasis will be given to the specific regional and sub-
      regional conditions of forests and the diversity in economic social
      and cultural environments.

-   Expected Date of Completion of the Reports and Languages:

      - Background papers including the identification of needs for future
    action, June 1996 in English and French.
      - Seminar documentation in English during the Seminar.
      - Summary report of the Seminar including the conclusions and
      opportunities and options for future action on criteria and
      indicators English and French.
      It will be introduced at the Third Session of the IPF in September
      - Final report of the Seminar, October 1996, in English and French

         1) A comprehensive report on the issue of criteria and indicators;
         i.e. background papers
         2) Seminar Conclusions, and Options and Opportunities for future

-   Process in Pursuing the Initiative:

      A group of international experts and key persons (International
      Contact Group), consisting of representatives from developing and
      developed countries, the IPF Secretariat and intergovernmental and
      non-governmental organisations has been collaborating with the
      chairman of the ISCI Seminar in the preparation of the Seminar.  This
      group met for the first time in New York during the First Session of
      the Panel.  The second meeting of the group was organised in Finland
      on December 17-18, 1995.  The third meeting is planned to take place
      during the Second Session of the IPF in Geneva in March, 1996.

        In Finland, an inter-ministerial working group has been established
        to give guidance for the preparation of the ISCI Seminar.

-     Participants:

        Representatives of countries participating in the work of the CSD and
        the Panel, as well as other interested countries, pertinent
        international organisations and non-governmental organisations, and
        invited experts.  Participants will be senior civil servants in
        charge of forest policy, leading specialists and researchers,
        representatives of organisations and representatives from the private
        sector.  Estimated number of participants is 150-200.  Detailed
        information including the Programme of the Seminar, information on
        practical arrangements and a registration form for the Seminar and
        for the field excursion will be published and sent to countries in
        March 1996.

-     Contact Persons:

    Mr. Heikki Granholm, Project Coordinator      ISCI Secretariat
    Tel: 358 0 160 2431                           Tel: 358 0 160 2405
    Fax: 358 0 160 2430                           Fax: 358 0 160 2430
    e-mail:                                       e-mail:
    heikki.granholm@mmm.agrifin.mailnet.fi        isci@mmm.agrifin.mailnet.fi

    Mr. Pekka Patosaari, Director              Address:
    Tel: 358 0 160 3353                           Ministry of Agriculture
                                                   and Forestry of Finland
    Fax: 358 0 160 2400                           Department of Forestry
    e-mail:                                       P.O. Box 232, FIN-00171
    pekka.patosaari@mmm.agrifin.mailnet.fi        Helsinki, Finland

    Ms. Marja Lehto, Counsellor
    Mission of Finland
    New York, NY, USA
    Tel: 1 212 355 2100
    Fax: 1 212 759 6156


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