United Nations
Intergovernmental Panel on Forests

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                            SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY

         Co-sponsored by the Governments of Denmark and South Africa,
                               and the UNDP.


The Forestry Sector is riddled with complexities and constraints calling for
action in multiple fronts.  Available resources and capacity are far from
adequate to address the myriad of issues.  The current level of ODA in
forestry in 1993 was only 27.2% of the amount specified in Chapter 11 of
Agenda 21, and in the present economic climate, this is not likely to show any
appreciable increase.

Innovative measures are required for generating funds based on the immense
externalities and environmental benefits of forests.  These measures will call
for the development of appropriate policies, strategies and regulatory
mechanisms, as well as the involvement of the civil society including the
private sector, the NGO community and those directly concerned.

In this context, and with a view to supporting the work of the
Intergovernmental Panel on Forests (IPF), the Governments of Denmark and South
Africa and UNDP will co-sponsor an open-ended workshop on "Financial
Mechanisms for Sustainable Forestry and Sources of Funding, including
Innovative Financing."

Venue and date

The workshop will be held in the Republic of South Africa from 4-7 June, 1996.

Issues for discussion

Considering the mandate of the IPF for Programme Element II and the results of
discussions on other related items, particularly in Programme Element IV, the
workshop will focus on the following:

     * Costs, Incentives and Obstacles for Implementing Sustainable Forest
     * Status of Financial Assistance for Sustainable Management Programmes
     (before and after UNCED);
     * Innovative Funding Mechanisms, and
     * Effectiveness of Funding and in-country Coordination Between Financing

The co-sponsors will draw upon the knowledge of various experts in this field,
to produce the documents that will serve as a basis for the discussion.


Participants to the open-ended workshop should include approximately 70
experts in finance, economics and international cooperation in fields related
to forestry and sustainable development.  The experts, invited in their
personal capacity, will include those from various government entities,
academia, the private sector, financial institutions, inter-governmental
organizations within and outside the United Nations system, as well as
non-governmental organizations. 

Expected outcomes

As a result of the workshop, the co-sponsors will produce a report containing
a list of innovative policy options, recommendations and forward looking
approaches to strengthen coordination and mobilize support for the forest
sector and related aspects of sustainable development.  The report will be
presented to participating countries, institutions and individuals, and to the
IPF Secretariat as an input for the preparation of the report on Programme
Element II and related items for the third meeting of the IPF. 

Additional information can be obtained from:

          United Nations Development Programme
          Natural Resources Management Unit
          Sustainable Energy and Environment Division
          304 East 45th Street (FF-1006)
          New York, N.Y. 10017, U.S.A.
          Facsimile: 212-906-6973
          Att. Ms. Susan Becker


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