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                      AUSTRALIAN INITIATIVE

- Title:


- Sponsor:

- Date and Location of the Meeting of the Initiative:
     26-30 May 1996, Sheraton Hotel, Brisbane, Australia

- Description of the issue:
     Certification and labelling of products from sustainably managed

- Relationship with the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests Programme
     The conference will consider issues arising from the first session of
     the IPF (Programme Element IV), in particular, the issue of voluntary
     certification and labelling of forest products, so as to contribute to
     a better understanding of the role of voluntary certification with
     regard to sustainable management of forests, including the impact of
     certification on developing countries.

- Expected results:
  *  Advance international dialogue on the issue of certification and
     labelling, focusing on the role that C&L forest products may play in
     achieving the goals of sustainable forest management.
  *  Provide stakeholders with a constructive forum to discuss C&L
     initiatives to date and to consider future directions.
  *  Provide a framework for the work of the UN CSD IPF on C&L issues,
     including Panel-related activities by other countries.

- Expected date of Completion of the Report and Language:
     end August 1996 (in English)

- Process in pursuing the Initiative:
     A Planning Committee has been established to oversee organisation of
     conference.  Relevant domestic and international organisations have
     been approached for comments on program.

- Participants:
     All UN member countries and selected international and domestic
     organisations are to be invited.  Maximum of 200 participants are
     expected to attend.

- Contact Persons:

         Mike Drynan                    Kwame Asumadu
         State and International        State and International
         Relations Section              Relations Section
         Forests Branch                 Forests Branch
         Department of Primary          Department of Primary
         Industries & Energy            Industries & Energy
         GPO Box 858                    GPO Box 858
         CANBERRA ACT 2601              CANBERRA ACT 2601
         AUSTRALIA                      AUSTRALIA
         Tel: 61 6 272 4500             Tel: 61 6 272 3476
         Fax: 61 6 272 3021             Fax: 61 6 272 3021

         Mr. Mark Gray
         Australian Mission to UN
         New York, N.Y.
         Tel: 212 421 6910
         Fax: 212 836 4104


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