United Nations
Commission on Sustainable Development

Background Paper


United Nations Inter-Regional Expert Group Meeting on Consumer Protection 
                     and Sustainable Consumption: 
                 New Guidelines for the Global Consumer

Amorim, Celso L.N.        Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,
                          Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United
                          Nations, New York
Asher, Allan              Deputy Chairperson, Australian Competition and
                          Consumer Commission, Australia
Bank, Helene              Consultant, Forum for Environment and Development,
Barraza, Beatrice         Consumers International, Central American Office, 
                          El Salvador
Berro, Ali Hussein        Technical Director, Ministry of Commerce and
                          Economy, Lebanon
Born, Rubens Harry        Executive Director, Brazilian NGO Forum, Brazil
Bowling, Roberto Cabral   Director-General, Under-Secretary of Planning,
Brashares, Karon          Special Assistant to the President, Center for
                          Respect of Life and Environment, USA
Bun, Mara                 Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Australian
                          Consumers' Association, Australia
Cantell, Ilkka            Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Finland
Charters, Margaret        Chairman, International Committee, American Council
                          for Consumer Interests, USA
Chung, Raekwon            Cousellor, Permanent Mission of the Republic of
                          Korean to the United Nations, New York 
de Jong, Mirjam Theresia  Sr. Officer, Industry and Consumer Policies,
                          Ministry of Environment, Sr. Policy Director
                          Industry and Consumer Policies, Netherlands         

Dillon-Ridgley, Dianne    Presidents Council for Sustainable Development, USA
Diverso, Gustavo          General Co-ordinator, Center for Research, Analysis
                          and Documentation of Uruguay, Uruguay 
Dole, Ray E.              President, Consumers Organization S.A.M.O.A. Inc.,
                          American Samoa
Fornazaro, Maria Ines     Executive Director, Foundation for Consumer
                          Protection and Defense, Brazil     
Gemie, Hassam             Vice President, Egyptian Legal Association for
                          Consumer Protection and Professor of Law, Cairo
                          University, Egypt 
Gessesse, Tadesse         Regional Director, Consumers International, Regional
                          Office for Africa, Zimbabwe
Hurtado, Maria Elena      Global Policy and Campaign Director, Consumers
                          International, UK
Jacobi, Pedro             Vice-President, Masters Programme in Environmental
                          Sciences, University of So Paulo, Brazil
Kimera, Henri Richard     AG Director, Uganda Consumers Protection
                          Association, Uganda
Kriuchkova, Polina        Head, Research Department, Inter-Republican
  Viktorovna              Confederation of Consumers' Societies,
                          Russian Federation
Langlois, Cindy           Project Consultant, US Consumers Union, USA
Larenas, Stefan           Consumers International, Regional Office for Latin
                          America and the Caribbean, Chile
Lazzarini, Marilena       Executive Co-ordinator, Brazilian Institute for
  Igreja                  Consumer Defense, Brazil
Leeuw, Bas de             UNEP Industry and Environment Office, Paris, France
Leite,Yolanda A.          General Counsel, Legal Department, Proctor  &
  Cerqueira               Gamble, Brazil
Mattos de Lemos, Haroldo  Secretary for Environmental Affairs, Ministry of
                          Environment, Water Resources and the Amazon, Brazil
Mehta, Pradeep            General Secretary, Consumer Unity and Trust Society,
Mehlman, Marilyn          General Secretary, Global Action Plan, Sweden
Ndaw, Babacar             President, Senagalese Association for the Defense of
                          the Environment and Consumers, Senegal 
Paliz, Fabian             Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Ecuador to the
                          United Nations, New York 
Romero Rojas, Oscar       Director, Consumer Magazine, Federal Office for
                          Consumer Protection,  Mexico     
Rodrigues, Fedro Guillen  Director of Environmental Education, Secretariat of
                          Natural Resources, Mexico
Sawyer, Donald            Executive Director, Institute for Society,
                          Population and Nature, Brazil
Vianna, Marcelo           Chairman, Environmental Committee, International
                          Chamber of Commerce, Brazil
Yrvin, Ole-Erik           Advisor, Ministry of Children and Family Affairs,

Environment Secretariat of the State Government of  So Paulo, Brazil

Feldmann, Fabio           Sao Paulo State Environmental Secretary
Sodre, Marcelo Gomes      Co-ordinator of the Consumer and the Environment
Biederman, Rachel         Cabinet Advisor at the So Paulo State Environmental

The Latin American Parliament

da Costa Ribeiro, Amadeu  Director-General of the Latin American Parliament,
de Carli, Estela          Advisor to the Permanent Commissions of the Latin
                          American Parliament, Argentina
Decoud, Marcelo E.        Secretary of the Permanent Forum of Regional
                          Parliaments for the Environment and  
                          Sustainable Development, Paraguay          
Palaez, Humberto          Executive Secretary of the Latin American
                          Parliament, Colombia
Singer, Juan Adolfo       President of the Latin American Parliament, Uruguay

United Nations Division for Sustainable Development, New York

Chipman, Ralph            Senior Sustainable Development Officer
Brandsma, Erik            Task Manager on Sustainable Consumption and
Wexler, Raquel            Consultant

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