United Nations
Commission on Sustainable Development


           Finance for Sustainable Development: The Road Ahead 
                  (New York: United Nations, June 1997)
        Edited by Juergen Holst, Peter Koudal and Jeffrey Vincent

      A crucial element in the follow-up to the 1992 United Nations
Conference on Environment and Development is to resolve the daunting task
of financing sustainable development worldwide.  It is generally agreed
that not enough progress has been made over the last five years.

     "Finance for Sustainable Development: The Road Ahead" (see ordering
information below) suggests policies whose implementation may lead to
significant progress in the future.  It contains the proceedings of the
Fourth Expert Group Meeting on Financial Issues of Agenda 21, in
Santiago, Chile, 8-10 January 1997, which included experts from
government, international and non-governmental organizations, academia
and the private sector from around the world.  

      The volume takes a comprehensive approach to the issue of financing
sustainable development by looking at international finance (including
official development assistance, foreign capital flows and debt
alleviation), domestic finance (including economic instruments, subsidy
reform and private-sector investment) and innovative national and
international finance (including eco-labelling, joint-implementation
schemes and internationally tradeable permits). 

      Based on extensive research and policy analysis, guidance is
provided to policy makers in government and the private sector on how to
mobilize new and additional financial resources for sustainable

      The volume includes carefully researched papers from the following

      Taking stock of trends in sustainable development financing since Rio
      Theodore Panayotou                                                  

      What future for aid?
      Tony Killick                                                        

      The role of foreign private capital flows in sustainable development
      Kwang W. Jun and Thomas L. Brewer                                   

      Resolving remaining debt issues for low-income countries 
      through innovative approaches
      Anthony Boote and Kamau Thugge                                      

      A comprehensive approach to domestic resource mobilization 
      for sustainable development
      Ved P. Gandhi, Dale Gray and Ronald McMorran                        

      Economic instruments: accelerating the move from concepts
      to practical application
      Anil Markandya                                                      

      Applying economic instruments for environmental management in
      the context of institutional fragility:  the case of Latin America and
      the Caribbean
      Ronaldo Seroa da Motta, Jack Ruitenbeek and Richard Huber           

      Key issues in subsidy policies and strategies for reform
      Andre' de Moor                                                      

      Subsidies and the environment: on how subsidies and tax incentives
      may affect production decisions and the environment
      Jan Pieters                                                         

      Making private investment work for the environment
      Bradford Gentry                                                     

      Replicating  innovative national financial mechanisms
      for sustainable development
      David Pearce, Ece Ozdemiroglu and Steve Dobson                      

      Demand-based mechanisms to finance the "green" environment 
      in Latin America
      Ramon Lopez                                                         

      Innovative financial  mechanisms for sustainable development:
      overcoming the political obstacles to international taxation
      Bernard Herber                                                      

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