Disarmament Study Series

The Disarmament Study Series is a publication that highlights United Nations General Assembly studies in the field of disarmament undertaken by groups of governmental experts.

  • No. 35
    Study on a Treaty Banning the Production of Fissile Material for Nuclear Weapons or Other Nuclear Explosive Devices
  • No. 34
    Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Outer Space Activities
  • No. 33
    Developments in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security
  • No. 32
    Verification in all its Aspects Including the Role of the United Nations in the Field of Verification
  • No. 31
    The Relationship between Disarmament and Development in the Current International Context
  • No. 30
    Study on Disarmament and Non-proliferation Education
  • No. 29
    The Issue of Missiles in All Its Aspects
  • No. 28
    Small Arms
  • No. 27
    Study on the Application of Confidence-building Measures in Outer Space
  • No. 26
    Study on Defensive Security Concepts and Policies
  • No. 25
    Potential Uses of Military-Related Resources for Protection of the Environment
  • No. 24
    Study on Ways and Means of Promoting Transparency in International Transfers of Conventional Arms
  • No. 23
    South Africa's Nuclear-Tipped Ballistic Missile Capability
  • No. 22
    Effective and Verifiable Measures Which Would Facilitate the Establishment of a Nuclear-weapon-free Zone in the Middle East
  • No. 21
    Nuclear Weapons: A Comprehensive Study
  • No. 20
    The Role of the United Nations in the Field of Verification
  • No. 19
    Study on the Economic and Social Consequences of the Arms Race and Military Expenditures
  • No. 18
    Study on the Climatic and Other Global Effects of Nuclear War
  • No. 17
    Study on Deterrence: Its Implications for Disarmament and the Arms Race, Negotiated Arms Reductions and International Security and Other Related Matters
  • No. 16
    The Naval Arms Race
  • No. 15
    Reduction of Military Budgets: Construction of Military Price Indexes and Purchasing-power Parities for Comparison of Military Expenditures
  • No. 14
    Concepts of Security
  • No. 13
    Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament Measures
  • No. 12
    Study on Conventional Disarmament
  • No. 11
    Economic and Social Consequences of the Arms Race and of Military Expenditures
  • No. 10
    Reduction of Military Budgets: Refinement of International Reporting and Comparison of Military Expenditures
  • No. 9
    The Implications of Establishing an International Satellite Monitoring Agency
  • No. 8
    Relationship between Disarmament and International Security
  • No. 7
    Comprehensive Study on Confidence-building Measures
  • No. 6
    Study on Israeli Nuclear Armament
  • No. 5
    The Relationship between Disarmament and Development
  • No. 4
    Reduction of Military Budgets: International Reporting of Military Expenditures
  • No. 3
    Study on all the aspects of Regional Disarmament
  • No. 2
    South Africa's Plan and Capability in the Nuclear Field
  • No. 1
    Comprehensive Study on Nuclear Weapons