Views of Member States

UNODA is pleased to post on-line the views received from Governments in response to resolution 61/89. The first column next to the name of the country contains the views in the original language received, while the second column contains the official English translation. The views are being posted as a courtesy to facilitate the work of delegations dealing with this item. Please inform the Office for Disarmament Affairs of any errors found ( ).

Albania English
Algeria French English
Argentina Spanish English
Australia English
Austria English
Bahamas (on behalf of Caricom) English
Bangladesh English
Belgium French
Benin French
Bolivia Spanish
Bosnia and Herzegovina English
Brazil English
Bulgaria English
Burkina Faso French
Burundi French English
Canada English
Chile Spanish
China Chinese English
Colombia Spanish English
Costa Rica Spanish English
Côte d'Ivoire French
Croatia English
Cuba Spanish English
Cyprus English
Czech Republic English
Dem. Rep. of the Congo French English
Denmark English
Djibouti French
Ecuador Spanish English
Egypt Arabic English
El Salvador Spanish English
Estonia English
Fiji English
Finland English
France French English
Georgia English
Germany English
Germany (on behalf of the European Union) English
Greece English
Guatemala Spanish English
Hungary English
Iceland English
India English
Indonesia English
Iran (Islamic Republic of) English
Ireland English
Israel English
Italy English
Jamaica English
Japan English
Kenya English
Latvia English
Lebanon Arabic English
Liberia English
Liechtenstein English
Lithuania English
Luxembourg French English
Malawi English
Mali French English
Malta English
Mauritius English
Mexico Spanish English
Moldova English
Montenegro English
Morocco French English
Netherlands English
New Zealand English
Niger French English
Nigeria English
Norway English
Pakistan English
Panama Spanish English
Paraguay Spanish English
Peru Spanish English
Poland English
Portugal English
Republic of Korea English
Romania English
Russian Federation Russian English
Samoa English
Senegal French English
Serbia English
Seychelles English
Slovakia English
Slovenia English
South Africa English
Spain Spanish English
Sweden English
Switzerland English
Thailand English
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia English
Togo French English
Trinidad and Tobago English
Turkey English
Ukraine English
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland English French Russian Spanish Arabic Chinese
United Republic of Tanzania English
Venezuela Spanish English
Zambia English