Secretary-General's video message to Seventh Review Conference of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention

Geneva, Switzerland — 5 December 2011

Text of the message

Ambassador Paul van den IJssel, President of the Review Conference, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to send greetings to all the participants in this important review conference.

The Biological Weapons Convention is central to the global disarmament and non-proliferation framework.

Over the past five years, States parties have developed common understandings aimed at better implementation of this critical instrument.

The parties have also built a vibrant network of concerned groups and individuals.

All of this contributes to our goal of managing biological risks.

And it helps to ensure that biological science and technology can be developed safely and securely – so that they bring benefits, not danger.

This Conference is a chance to build on these advances.

You can address new developments in the field of life sciences and technology so that we can respond to emerging risks.

You can also take a fresh look at how to ensure that the Convention's non-proliferation provisions are carried out in full.

You can continue our efforts to make sure that all countries adhere to the Convention.

Finally, you can boost cooperation on the peaceful uses of biological science and technology. This would directly support the Convention's goal of preventing the nightmare of biological warfare.

I urge you all to spare no effort in this crucial endeavour.

I wish you a successful and productive Conference.

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