Report of investigation activities

The investigation team should file a report that elaborates its activities, the evidence found, and the team's findings. The report could be modeled on the format that follows, adjusted as needed.

Executive summary
Pre-investigation activities
Investigation activities
Data from state requesting investigation
Terms of reference (e.g., authorizing letter)
Administrative data
Investigation location
Team personnel
Non-destructive evaluation
List of samples taken
List of other evidence collected
By the investigative team
Obtained from other authorities or relevant international organizations
Results of analysis and clinical diagnostics
Sample analysis: laboratory 1
Sample analysis: laboratory 2
Sample analysis: laboratory 3 (if necessary)
Records of interviews conducted
List of medical investigation activities
Summary, clinical data on patients Epidemiological investigation report
Breakdown of medical cases examined
List of plant and animal investigation activities
Data summary regarding affected plants, animals Epidemiological investigation report
Breakdown of cases examined
Record of chain of custody activities
Record of tags and seals

Should there be individual opinion(s) differing from the majority of investigators, they should be reflected in the investigative report.