Fifth Review Conference


  1. Opening of the Conference by the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee
  2. Election of the President
  3. Adoption of the agenda
  4. Submission of the final report of the Preparatory Committee
  5. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure
  6. Election of the Vice-Presidents of the Conference and Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the Committee of the Whole, the Drafting Committee and the Credentials Committee
  7. Credentials of representatives to the Conference
  1. Appointment of the Credentials Committee
  2. Report of the Credentials Committee
  1. Confirmation of the nomination of the Secretary-General
  2. Programme of work
  3. Review of the operation of the Convention as provided for in its Article XII
  1. General debate
  2. Articles I-XV
  3. Preambular paragraphs and purposes of the Convention
  1. Consideration of issues identified in the review of Article XII contained in the Final Declaration of the Fourth Review Conference, and possible follow-up action
  2. Work done to strengthen the Convention in accordance with the decision of the 1994 Special Conference
  3. Other matters, including the question of future review of the Convention
  4. Report of the Committee of the Whole
  5. Report of the Drafting Committee
  6. Preparation and adoption of the final document(s)