Panel  to launch the new publication: 
Gender Perspectives on Disarmament 
14 March 2001, United Nations


Closing Statement by
Ms. Angela E.V. King
Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser
on Gender Issues and
Advancement of Women

The panelists have provided us with a stimulating set of ideas and data on achieving the integration of gender perspectives in disarmament. The clear links between gender equality and small arms, land mines, Disarmament Demobilization and Rehabilitation and weapons of mass destruction have been highlighted. What is particularly useful is the greater understanding that integrating gender perspectives in disarmament affairs is not only important for promoting greater equality between women and men but also that greater attention to gender perspectives can lead to more effective policies and programmes in the area of disarmament.

Much remains to be done before gender perspectives are fully integrated into disarmament affairs. It is heartening, however, to see the enhanced commitment to gender mainstreaming in both the Department of Disarmament Affairs and the Mine Action Service in the Department for Peacekeeping Operations. A special tribute to due to Under Secretary-General Jayantha Dhanapala of the Department of Disarmament Affairs and to Martin Barber, and through him to Jean-Marie GuÍhenno, Under Secretary-General in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. The critical role of Member States has also been highlighted. Non-governmental organizations are committed to continuing their important advocacy roles. With greater collaboration and partnerships I am optimistic we can meet some of the challenges we have heard discussed tDDAy.

Before closing I wish to thank all our panellists and particularly our collaborators in the Department of Disarmament Affairs and the Mine Action Service of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. I also wish to point out that without the collaboration of the Member States, NGOs and academics this work on gender and disarmament would not be possible.