The thirtieth anniversary edition of the Disarmament Yearbook was produced under the overall direction of the Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs, Nobuaki Tanaka, as well as the Director of the Department, Hannelore Hoppe.

Many thanks go to the following writers and contributors from the relevant units of the Department: Kerstin Bihlmaier, Gabriele Kraatz-Wadsack, Thomas Markram, Myrna Peña, Curtis Raynold, Nikolai Rogosaroff, Fiona Simpson and Åsa Theander (Weapons of Mass Destruction Branch); Daiana Cipollone, Antonio Evora, Nazir Kamal, Tak Mashiko, Hideki Matsuno, Pamela Maponga and Carolin Thielking (Conventional Arms Branch); Michael Cassandra, Gary De Rosa and Predrag Vasic (Monitoring, Database and Information Branch); Tim Caughley, Richard Lennane, Valère Mantels, Piers Millet, Bantan Nugroho, Peter Kolarov and Jerzy Zaleski (Geneva Branch); Tamara Malinova, Agnès Marcaillou, Diouf Ibrahima and Xiayou Wang (Regional Disarmament Branch); Amanda Cowl, Péricles Gasparini Alves and Giuliana Vila (Lima Centre); Tsutomu Ishiguri and Soo-Hyun Kim (Kathmandu Centre); Ivor Fung and Thierry Zang-Azeme (Lomé Centre); and Randy Rydell (Office of the USG). Peter Crail of the Centre for Nonproliferation Studies of the Monterey Institute of International Studies was also actively involved in preparing various sections of the Yearbook.

Special thanks go to the core team members: Joanna Panepinto for written contributions, research assistance and language editing and Elizabeth Scaffidi for desktop publishing and web conversion.

Special mention should be made of Xiayou Wang who toiled as the Editor/Coordinator of the Yearbook for the past four and half years and Joanna Panepinto (research assistance/language editing since 2001) who will be retiring at the end of the year.

Tam Chung
New York, August 2006