The United Nations

Disarmament Yearbook

Volume 29: 2004
For the first time since the inception of the United Nations Disarmament Yearbook in 1976, the Department of Disarmament Affairs has produced an electronic version of the publication. The inaugural edition consists of three volumes (27, 28 and 29) covering the years 2002, 2003 and 2004 respectively. This initiative responds to the 2003 DDA survey on the United Nations Disarmament Yearbook, in which a number of delegations and subscribers expressed a strong interest in making the publication internet accessible, as well as the subsequent request of the General Assembly in resolution 59/103 for the 2002 and 2003 books.
The added advantage of locating Yearbook information online is that it offers convenient and flexible access with a click of a mouse. It contains dozens of hyperlinks to other parts of the Yearbook and to UN sources. It is easily navigable. The e-version is available free of charge for registered users through the Department of Disarmament Affairs. Registering is simple, requiring only a user name and password. To sign up, visit the DDA web site at Under "Disarmament Resources," click on the link for "DDA Publications" and follow the instructions on the "register here" link.
A concise reference tool, the Yearbook presents condensed background information on the annual activities undertaken by the United Nations in the field of disarmament. The appendices offer, whenever possible, snapshot views of First Committee actions, often in tabular form. References to United Nations documents appear as symbols in a combination of capital letters with figures. Web sites of UN departments and specialized agencies, intergovernmental organizations, research institutes and non-governmental organizations are cited in footnotes.
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