Books - Not Guns

On 15 October 2004, the UN Postal Administration issued a "Disarmament" stamp in the denomination of 37 cents, designed by the French graphic artist, Michel Granger.
During conflict, small arms and light weapons devastate children. The vast majority of casualties are directly attributable to these firearms. In addition to being victims, children have been recruited as child soldiers and taught to handle these lethal weapons, allowing them to be used as instruments of war.
The high prevalence of small arms in post-conflict society perpetuates a culture of violence. Some former combatants view the gun as their means to economic survival. In other cases, civilians arm themselves for protection, exposing children to the dangers of weapons at home, resulting in a vicious cycle of crime and violence.
Disarmament at the United Nations contributes to the security of the child through UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), the Office of the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict and the United Nations Mine Action Service. The Department of Disarmament Affairs works for advocacy, information and education for balanced military spending, the end of nuclear dangers, a curb on illegal gun trading and the elimination of landmines.