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Security Council resolution 1540 (2004)

On 28 April, the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 15401 which affirmed that the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons as well as their means of delivery constituted a threat to international peace and security. Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, the Council decided that States shall refrain from providing any support to non-State actors that attempt to develop, acquire, manufacture, possess, transport, transfer or use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and their means of delivery. The Security Council also decided that States shall adopt and enforce appropriate effective laws which prohibit any non-State actor from manufacturing, acquiring, possessing, developing, transporting, transferring or using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and their means of delivery. The Council further decided that States shall take and enforce effective measures to establish domestic controls to prevent the proliferation of such weapons and their means of delivery.
By resolution 1540, the Security Council established, for a period of no longer than two years, a Committee consisting of all members of the Council, which would, calling as appropriate on other expertise, report to the Security Council on the implementation of the resolution. To this end, the resolution called upon States to report to the Committee on steps they had taken or intended to take to implement it. In August, the Committee adopted guidelines for the conduct of its work as well as for the preparation of national reports. In September, the Committee adopted the guidelines for hiring experts who would help in the consideration of national reports submitted by Member States. In December, the Committee approved the recruitment of four experts and decided to invite further nominations of experts, particularly from Asia and Africa. By the end of the year, 97 States had submitted national reports, and a report was also submitted by the European Union.

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