The UN Internship Programme

An Australian Legal Opinion

As perhaps history's first Australian lawyer, policy advisor and Parliamentary lobbyist ever to undertake a UN internship with DDA, I found it to be an excellent professional and personal growth opportunity. Like most of my fellow interns, I spent a large part of my time learning about the UN's legislative process by attending (as a note-taker) many General Assembly and First Committee sessions. I also worked with a skilled web designer to evaluate, redesign and expand parts of the Departmentís website.

The time I spent working with the United Nations was valuable in a number of ways. It provided me with an important insight into the UN's policy development and legislative processes and into the Organizationís pivotal and unique role in international relations. It also helped me to progress my thesis, which I am currently writing as part of a Master of Public Policy degree at Sydney University. (The thesis examines the affect that the developing post "9/11" US counter-terrorism strategy is likely to have on conceptions of state sovereignty throughout the world.) It gave me an opportunity to work with a diverse group of professionals and interns from almost every nation on Earth. And it moved me towards my career goal of working as a policy advisor on international security issues.

While the two month internship passed very quickly, I hope that I was able to positively influence the organization in some small ways during this time, and I look forward to keeping in touch with the DDA staff in the future.