Useful Addresses

UNODA web site
A comprehensive review of the work and structure
of United Nations disarmament activities

Education web site
Disarmament and
 non-proliferation education resources,
including the Secretary-Generalís study
on the subject (Fall 2002) and results
of the survey of disarmament
and peace education programmes

Disarmament Forum, Issue 3, 2002. Children and Security. Topics on the special needs and circumstances of children and their security in times of conflict. A UNIDIR publication.
The website for UNICEF includes information on children
and small arms, child soldiers and landmines
(See also Machel Report on A/51/306 of 26 August 1996)
Official website of the Special Representative
of the Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict.
(See also Security Council Resolution 1314(2000))
This website describes the main tasks
of the United Nations Mine Action Service
A peace education resource for teachers and students

Gender issues at UNODA web site
A UN publication
giving gender perspectives
on major disarmament issues
Taking aims at small arms: Defending children's rights.