TDDAy’s tools of war and conflict—nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, battleships, fighter aircraft, tanks, small arms, light weapons and landmines—take a special toll on children. While it is true that the defence of a nation is a special duty of every government, guaranteed by the UN Charter, it is equally true that the security of each child is a special responsibility of each nation, as solemnly prescribed in the Convention of the Rights of the Child.” The Department of Disarmament Affairs will be making available, as of 6 May, a brochure entitled “Disarmament and children” which describes the intertwined notions of children’s rights and the proliferation of arms from the perspectives of military expenditures, weapons of mass destruction, small arms and landmines. The brochure also contains information on avenues of disarmament action at the UN and useful addresses and websites on related topics. Text is available at Disarmament and Children