Using the images from the popular disarmament exhibit of the guided tour, located on the third floor of the General Assembly building, two UN Departments, Disarmament Affairs and Public Information, teamed up to create a new type of poster/brochure highlighting a broad range of multilateral disarmament issues. The poster was designed as a free take away item for teachers and students visiting the UN, who took the tour but want more information. The front side of the poster presents the major problems of multilateral disarmament, while the "back" side gives details about the responses of the international community, including a time line of arms regulation treaties and a map of agreed nuclear-weapon free zones. A representation of the imbalance in global expenditures on the military versus a host of world social and environmental ills is dramatically visualized by an inverted cone, the largest part being devoted to world military expenditures. 

     The poster will be made available to tour visitors on the site of the disarmament exhibit or may be obtained free of charge from DPI Public Inquiries, United Nations, Room GA-57, New York, NY 10017.