With an unprecedented grant from the UN Foundation (Turner Fund), the Department of Disarmament Affairs began a first time partnership in December 2001 with the Hague Appeal for Peace on an ambitious disarmament education project. The project seeks to sustain the disarmament momentum of weapons collection projects in communities that have suffered conflict or civil strife, and where guns are a menace to public safety and security. It plans to do so by devising peace and disarmament educational curriculum, workshops and other activities, aimed mainly at students at the high school level. The goal is to transform through a prolonged effort the mindsets of young people to seek alternatives to the violence attached to guns in order to settle conflicts or to earn a living. 

     The pilot regions for the projects—Gramsh, Albania; Lima, Peru; N'Guigmi, Niger; and Bakan, Cambodia—were chosen to match with gun collection programmes. The project includes location visits, contacts with local peace and disarmament NGOs and teachers and school administrators, partnering with other UN agencies in the region, and tailoring the curriculum to the local needs of the community.

     For further information, contact or hap@haguepeace. org.