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Comprehensive and integral international convention to protect and promote the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities - Economic and Social Council Resolution 2006/16

The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling General Assembly resolution 56/168 of 19 December 2001, by which the Assembly established an Ad Hoc Committee, open to the participation of all Member States and observers of the United Nations, to consider proposals for a comprehensive and integral international convention to promote and protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities, based on the holistic approach in the work carried out in the fields of social development, human rights and non-discrimination and taking into account the recommendations of the Commission on Human Rights and the Commission for Social Development,

Recalling also its resolution 2005/10 of 21 July 2005 on a comprehensive and integral international convention to promote and protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities,

Recalling further General Assembly resolution 60/232 of 23 December 2005,

Reaffirming the universality, indivisibility, interdependence and interrelatedness of all human rights and fundamental freedoms and the need for their full enjoyment to be guaranteed to persons with disabilities, without discrimination,

Convinced of the contribution that a convention will make in this regard, and welcoming the firm support of the international community for such a convention and the continued engagement in its elaboration,

Recognizing the strong commitment and the positive steps taken by Governments to promote and protect the rights and inherent dignity of persons with disabilities, including through collaboration and cooperation at the regional and international levels, with the aim of strengthening national capacities and supporting national efforts in order to improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities in all regions,

Welcoming the important contributions made so far to the work of the Ad Hoc Committee by all stakeholders,

  1. Welcomes the progress achieved by the Ad Hoc Committee in the negotiation of a draft convention at its seventh session, and invites Member States and observers to continue to participate actively and constructively in the Committee, with the aim of concluding a draft convention and submitting it to the General Assembly, as a matter of priority, for adoption, at its sixty-first session;
  2. Requests the Commission for Social Development to continue to contribute to the process of negotiation of a draft international convention, bearing in mind its area of expertise and the positive impact of a convention in promoting an inclusive approach to social development;
  3. Welcomes the contributions of the Special Rapporteur on Disability of the Commission for Social Development to the process of elaboration of a draft convention, and requests the Special Rapporteur to contribute further to the work of the Ad Hoc Committee, drawing from her experience in the monitoring of the Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities;
  4. Requests the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the Secretariat and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to continue to support the work of the Ad Hoc Committee, and underlines the importance of continuing cooperation and coordination between the two offices in order to provide substantive and technical support to the Committee and to promote public awareness regarding its work, including in collaboration with the Special Rapporteur;
  5. Requests bodies, organs and entities of the United Nations system to continue to participate, as appropriate, in the Ad Hoc Committee and to contribute to its work;
  6. Invites non-governmental organizations, national disability and human rights institutions and independent experts with an interest in the matter to continue their active participation and contributions to the Ad Hoc Committee, and encourages the relevant bodies of the United Nations to continue to promote and support such active participation of civil society, in accordance with General Assembly decision 56/510 of 23 July 2002 and Assembly resolution 57/229 of 18 December 2002;
  7. Requests the Secretary-General and the Special Rapporteur to report to the Commission for Social Development at its forty-fifth session, on the implementation of the present resolution.

40th plenary meeting
26 July 2006


  1. General Assembly resolution 48/96, annex.