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List of Non-Governmental Organization Accredited to the Conference of States Parties

All non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) are considered already accredited to the Conference of States Parties. (Upon request, names of ECOSOC NGOs that have participated in previous sessions of the Conference are also included and in bold below. 

(How to apply for NGO Accreditation to the Conference of States Parties?)

The following NGOs have been accredited to participate in all future sessions of the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD:

ABILITY Awareness    
Ability Foundation    
ABRAR (Sudan)    
Accessibility Organization for Afghanistan Disabled (AOAD)
Access Israel
Action for Mental Illness (ACMI)    
Action on Disability and Development    
AIDS-Free World  
Admiral Family Circle Islamic Community, Inc.
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell)
Amicale Marocaine des Hanicapes    
Arab Organization of Disabled People    
Asabe Shehu Yar’Adua Foundation (ASYARF)
Asia Pacific Disability Forum    
Asociación Civil contra la Discriminación (Civil Association against Discrimination)    
Asociación de Impedidos Fisicos Motores     
Association 3IN – Inclusion, Integrity and Independence
Association générale des handicapés du Rwanda (AGHR)    
Association of Disabled Women and Mothers of Disabled Children 
Association of Parents, Friends and People with Disabilities of the Brazil Bank
Association of University Centers on Disabilities (United States of America)    
Atlas Alliance, The
Attiva – Mente
Australian Disability and Development Consortium (ADDC)
Australian Federation of Disability Organization    
Autisme Europe
Barbados Council for the Disabled (BCD)    
Belgian Disability Forum (ASBL)
Best Buddies of Mexico
Bizchut, the Israel Human Rights Centre for People with Disabilities    
Brazilian Academy of Neurology
Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) of Syracuse University
Campus Arnau d’Escala (Spain)
Canadian Association for Community Living
Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation (CWGHR)
CBR Global Network
Center for Advocacy, Learning and Livelihood Foundation of the Blind (CALL)
Center for International Rehabilitation 
Center for the Study of Sport and Society
Central Council of Disabled Persons    
Centre de Recherches et de Promotion pour la Sauvegardge des Sites
Centre for Disability in Development    
Centre for Disability Studies, University of the West Indies
Centre for Independent Living of People with Disability of Serbia
Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP)    
Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)   
Centre for the Education and Development of Mauritian Children (Mauritius)
Centre for Legal Assistance for People with Disabilities (Moldova)
Centro de Estudios y Formacion Integral de la Mujer
Cerebral Palsy Nigeria    
Charitable society for disabled people “Stimul”    
Children’s Rights Alliance for England
Christain Children's Fun
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation (CDRF) 
Collective (Morocco)
Colombian Centre for Integrated Rehabilitation (CIREC)  
Commitments (India)
Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations 
Communities Forestry and Social Development Organization Communications
Community Options, Inc. 
Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation (Tanzania)   
Confederación Mexicana de Organizaciones en Favor de la Persona con Discapacidad Intelectual, A.C. (CONFE)
Congo Handicap    
Consiglio Nazionale sulla Disabilità    
Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies     
Corporación Ciudadanía Real de Sordos de Chile    
Council for Canadians with Disabilities (CDD)     
Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
Development and Ability Organization (formerly Afghan Disabled Union) 
Design Bangladesh
Disability Action, Ireland
Disability Australia Ltd. 
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)
Disability Rights Fund (DRF)
Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI)    
Disabled Peoples' International
Disabled People’s Rehabilitation and Employment Union of Georgia  
Discovering Deaf Worlds, Inc. (United States)
Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities, Inc. (Dominica)
Down Syndrome Society of Kenya
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)  
Empowerment Through Integration (ETI)
Equal Opportunities Commission of Hong Kong
Equally Unique
Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities International (ERPDI)
Essl Foundation
European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD)    
European Centre for Law and Justice
European Disability Forum
European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA)    
European Women's Lobby
Equal Opportunities Commission of Hong Kong
Family Research Council
Fédération guinéenne des associations de personnes handicapées    
Federation of and for People with Disabilities    
Federation of Ethiopian National Associations of Persons with disabilities (FENAPD)
Fédération togolaise des personnes handicapées    
Fondation Telethon 
Fondo Teleton de Apoyo a Instituciones 
Franiscans International
Franklin & Eleasnor Roosevelt Institute
Friends of Peace and Development Organization  
Fundacion Teleton  
G3ict - Global Initiative for Inclusive Technologies
Gambia Future Hands on Disabled People    
Gedaraf Digital City Organization (Sudan)
Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environment (GAATES)
Global Deaf Connection    
Global Partnership for Disability and Development (GPDD)
HalfthePlanet Foundation     
Handicap International
Harmony of the World    
Harvard Law School Project on Disability (HPOD)
Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Humanitarian Organization for Poverty Eradication    
Human Rights Watch
Idea Center (United States)
IFENDU for Women's Development (IFENDU)
Inclusion International
Impact Foundation Bangladesh
Institute of Developing Economies (JETRO)
Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP)    
Institute for Human Centered Design (formerly Adaptive Environments)    
Instituto Paradigma    
Inter-American Institute on Disability
International Center for Autism Research and Education (Icare4Autism)  
International Council For Caring Communities, Inc
International Federation of Hard of Hearing People
International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM)
International Organization for Standardization  
International Paralympic Committee
International Right to Life Federation
International Save the Children Alliance
International Stuttering Association    
International Voluntary Organization for Women, Education and Development (IVOWD)    
Iraqi Handicapped and Survivors Society    
IUS Gentium Conimbrigae Institute-Human Rights Centre    
Japan Disability Forum    
Jesh Foundation     
Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD Nigeria)
Jubilee Sailing Trust (United Kingdom)
Junior Chamber International Nigeria
Korea Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities (Republic of Korea)
Korean Differently Abled Federation (KODAF)   
Korea Differently Abled Women United (Republic of Korea)
Korea Employment Security Association for the Disabled  (Republic of Korea)
Korea Federation of Organizations of the Disabled (Republic of Korea)
Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (Republic of Korea)
Korea Spinal Cord Injury Association (Republic of Korea)
Koshish: National Mental Health Self-help Organisation
Lakeshore Foundation (United States)
Landmine Survivors Network
Latin American Blind Union (Uruguay)
Latin American Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and their Families (RIADIS)
Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union   
Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped 
Leonard Cheshire International
Life Vanguards    
Lift Up Care for the Needy Foundation (LCNF)
Light for the World    
Little People of Kosova    
LOTOS Disability Awareness and Learning Center (Azerbaijan)    
Lumos (United Kingdom)
March of Dimes Canada
Manasa (India)
Mental Disability Advocacy Centre (Hungary)    
Mental Disability Rights International
Mine and Weapon Victims Association    
Mine Combat Organization
Mobile Theatre Cultural Society (India)
Muscle Disabilities Association of Korea (Republic of Korea)
National Association of Disabled People of Angola (ANDA)
National Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD)    
National Federation of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities of Honduras    
National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD)    
National Grassroots Disability Organization (NGDO-Bangladesh)
National Rehabilitation and Deveopment Center (NRDC)
Neighbour Organization (NEO)
Neil Squire Society
Nepal National Federation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NFDH)    
Noor Fatima Welfare Trust    
Northeastern University, Center for the Study of Sport in Society   
Nurses Across the Borders 
One Billion Strong (OBS)
Pax Christi International, International Catholic Peace Movement
Peace and Tolerance International Organization    
People Who    
People with Disabilities in Ireland    
People with Disability Australia Incorporated (PWDA)  
People with Disabilities Uganda  
Perkins School for the Blind
Persons With Pain International    
Pineda Foundation for Youth (formerly Victor Pineda Foundation)
Planwell Group Organization    
Polio Plus — Movement Against Disability    
Pro Infirmis    
Projet de Réadaptation à Base Communautaire des Aveugles et Autres Personnes Handicapées du Niger    
Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia   
PUGU Poverty Alleviation and Development Agency (PPADA)    
Rehabilitation International
Réseau Guinéen des Organisations des Personnes Handicapées pour la Promotion de la CIDPH (ROPACIDPH)
RIOinclui (OSCRJ)
Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (Sightsavers)
Save The Children
Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities (South Africa)  
Sense International (India)  
Seocho Centre for Independent Living (Republic of Korea)
Setu Development Intervention Centre (SETU)  
Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre   
Society of Catholic Social Scientist, Inc.
Society for Mental Health Care    
Solar Cookers International
Somaliland National Disability Forum (SNDF)
Special Abilities Development Association (SADA)
Statute of Mine Combat Organization    
Sudan Association for Combating Landmines
Support Coalition International
The Cambodia Trust   
The Hong Kong Council of Social Services  
The Israel Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities, Bizchut 
The National Society for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities and their Families (RESCARE)    
The Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities 
The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
Threshold Association   
Tunisian Association for the Promotion of Employment for the Handicapped
Tunisian Organization for Defending the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (OTDDPH)   
Union des personnes handicapées du Burundi
Union of Disabled People’s Organizations (UDPO) 
Union Internationale des Avocats- International Union of Lawyers   
United Kingdom Disabled People’s Council (formerly British Council of Disabled People)
United States Burn Support Organization   
Venture House
Ver Foundation   
Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation   
Wheelchairs of Hope (Israel)
Women Striving for Brighter Tomorrow (WSBT)
World Blind Union
World Disability Foundation
World Federalist National Association of Nepal
World Federation of the Deaf
World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB)
World Future Council Foundation
World of Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
World Youth Alliance
Worldwide Organization for Women
World Union for Progressive Judiasm
Yad Sarah

 * The organizations highlighted in Bold above have Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).