Transition in solicitation methodology for air charter requirements: received industry feedback and next steps

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please refer to the attached letter from the Director, Procurement Division on the above-referenced matter.
PD Letter - 3 Oct 2013

The UN Procurement Division wishes to thank all companies that participated in the industry feedback exercise regarding the transition in solicitation methodology for air charter requirements.

Considering the magnitude of the received feedback, the UN will require a few weeks to analyze all valuable inputs to process such into the implementation efforts.

Pursuant to the internal review and analysis, the planned air conference will be held in New York, tentatively in early-December 2013, to allow for further discussions with the industry. We will post such information in due course through this website and other channels as appropriate.

Thank you for your continued interest and support to the Organization.

Long-Term Air Charter Team
Logistics and Transportation Section



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