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Inspection and Evaluation Division

The Inspection and Evaluation Division (IED) was formally established on 1 January 2008 after deliberations by the Member States and the Secretariat in the context of the 2005 World Summit mandated “Comprehensive Review of Governance and Oversight within the UN System”. Previously known as the Monitoring, Evaluation and Consulting Division (MECD), IED today focuses on the conduct of independent inspections and evaluations on behalf of the Secretary-General and the Member States.

IED evaluations and inspections are meant to assist intergovernmental bodies and programme managers in assessing the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of Secretariat programmes. In accordance with its mandate, set forth in General Assembly resolution A/RES/48/218 B (and later resolutions A/RES/54/244 and A/RES/59/272), IED's role is to help assure Secretariat programmes' accountability for attaining their mandates, while in the process foster institutional learning, and improvement, through reflection by programmes and Member States on performance and results.

Operational independence

IED assists the Secretary-General in fulfilling his internal oversight responsibilities by providing him with reports on the work of the Division. The Secretary-General is required to transmit OIOS reports directly (that is, without revisions) to the General Assembly. OIOS has the authority to report on any action it considers necessary to fulfill its oversight responsibilities, and it has the right to access all records, documents, assets and premises it considers necessary in the conduct of its activities.